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Released October 24, 2011 / 2.2, 2.4, or 2.5 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Is a GPU or CPU Upgrade Possible if Pin Arrangements are the same?


I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade my GPU or CPU if I find a Graphics Chip with the same pin arragrment? I know the GPU and CPU are soldered to the Motherboard but it's still possible to desolder them. Such as these videos:

I saw on this forum post some one saying it could theoretically work and thus, I had this question:

Is graphic card upgrade possible?

"The problem with upgrading your graphics card is it is soldered to the motherboard. If you were super confident, found the exact same pin arrangement on another graphics card, and were able to desolder the old one and resolder the new one without breaking anything then it would theoretically work."

I know it'll be easier of I upgrade my Intel GPU or CPU to a newer and faster Intel GPU (Faster Intel i7) or CPU (Intel Iris as they're better) because they'll most likely have a similar Pin Arrangement. I would like to upgrade to a AMD Radeon but they'll most likely not have the same pin arrangement.

Btw, I live in Hong Kong where there are lots of Professional Soldering Machines/Equipment plus, my friend has Soldering Equipment as well.

Additionally, I will do anything it takes to make this successful! So if anything really difficult is needed to be done to make this a success. I will do it! So please don't hesitate to reply even if it's a difficult process to do.

Any replies would be highly appreciated!

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unfortunately Apple is relatively tight with their designs.

Most places that WOULD do this repair, Don't! Strictly because the labor involved would be astronomical.

Essentially, the theory behind process say that yes, it would work for the device. however, thats not to say the device would reject the GPU or processor due to drivers. you may get unexpected hardware failures if you try this. You are limited to devices Apple offers device drives for which limits you to what Apple has used for chips.

As a professional technician, I would advise against the attempt if the device is functional, but as an electronics enthusiast, I would also be curious as to the outcome.

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Yes, it could be done. You would need access to a $7K BGA rework machine. But soldering it in isn't the biggest problem. The real issue is getting good chips. We can't get these new from China so you will get trash if you do order them.

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You can upgrade your logic board to a newer 2012 model thats what I would do MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Logic Board Replacement

It is much cheaper and requires less work.

Frankenstein'ing has its limits! So unless you've done the deep research slapping parts together any which way won't get you a working system. Some of these actions require expensive tools few have access to. Even still the results won't be any better than what Apple offers.

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Personally the time and effort might just outweigh the usefulness. I'd be more inclined to go down the path of a USB graphics card. As in this write up. External GPU on a Mac

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