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The current line of iPod Touch comprises six (6) different generations.

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How to replace the charging port on iPod touch

How do I replace the charging port on an ipod touch? The cord was accidentally yanked out and broke a couple prongs inside the ipod. So it will no longer charge or connect to PC.

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Which iPod touch do you have? Depending on the generation of iPod that you have, it does make a difference.

by oldturkey03

I Have Exactly the same problem on a 2nd generation 8gb touch.

would love some help with this.

by Liam McGowan

yea so it needs a replacement logic board basicly?

is it possible to use the part from a 1st gen nano?

by Liam McGowan

I don't know I have the 4th Generations and it will only charge standing up on my I home with force. So it is very hard to get apps. I am going to look on apple.com!


by Levi

I have the same problem with my Ipod touch 4th gen but its also in recovery mode and wont go out

by Sparklez97

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On the 2nd generation, the dock connector is solder to the board. Check on the guide iPod Touch 2nd Generation Logic Board Replacement page 5 shows the dock connector. So you have to remove the logic board and then remove the dock connector by de-soldering it as well as the 2 prongs on the side that hold it on the logic board. Not a terrible job but it does require a steady hand, good eyes (or a magnifying lamp in my case)and good tools. Good luck and let us know how it is going.

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I HAVE A 4th gen i accidently pulled it out the charger

and i think the inside bended

by moralesgabriel73

Just follow the steps in the original answer.

by oldturkey03

how do i fix the iPod charger on the iPod not the charger but the charger on the iPod

by kydira

My answer above shows how to replace the charging port on the ipod....

by oldturkey03

so how do you get a replacement connector?

by jenn10johnson

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i pod 4 charging port how to change

1.open the lcd and all screws...

2.with solidering we have to re-move the up-side points on board and battery points...........

3.then after pull the board in the frame..........

4.Then keep the safety sticker on ic and capster and dont keep the sticker on charging port........

5.give heat up to 460 degree and down side of the port

6.carefull there is on down side ic are they

7.slowly pull out

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Replacing a charging port on an iPod touch 4th gen or later is a standard repair done by any cell phone shop that microsolders. You could probably attempt it as DIY, or just send your ipod out to have it done and your device will be back on the road. Remember, the Apple store does not do repair, only replace. This isn't the kind of thing that they can help you with, however it is done all day every day by reputable repair shops.

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thx that will help

by carlie levens

Thanks a lot I've been without this I pod for about 6 months and its been really boring without it and i had to get a new one.

by Sparklez97

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