The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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MacBook Air Power Problems

About Me - I am a relatively new, 19 year old Senior Technician at a store that repairs primarily apple products. I'm starting out as the senior tech here with almost no previous experience except my interest to go into computer science later this year when I start my college classes. To say in the very least, I'm still learning, so please be patient if it takes me a little time to catch on to all that you might try to help me with. I Love learning these things and thought this would be a good place to start because i look at the forums often for help, this is just my first post thus far. I'm always looking for more ways to learn and adapt my skills in this industry. I love my job and can't wait to learn more about the things I'm doing! Thank you very much for reading or helping me with diagnosing the Issue below. - Cole W.

Today's problem: Diagnostics I received a 2015 13" Macbook Air and the customers problem was that the computer randomly shut off while his daughter was watching a youtube video and then it would not power back on after being plugged in.

They attempted to fix it themselves just by those steps i.e. (unplugging it and discharging and then plugging it in again to see if it powers on.

So far I have tried unplugging the battery from the logic board and powering on to see if the battery was the problem at hand. It still didn't power on. So my only thought is the IO port is bad and that needs replacing, I came here to see if anyone thinks that would be my best next step or if any of you had any advice for me on this project.

Update (01/08/2018)

A friend of mine who does board repairs/ micro soldering suggested it might be the smc chip has lost its touch.

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Let’s start off with the simple stuff before going inside. What does the MagSafe charger show an Amber or Green LED?


Amber at the start, but it turns green shortly after being plugged in.


While your friends skills might be needed its a bit premature to guess it's the SMC chip. Lets finish diagnosing the problem.


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It seems that the SMC (System Management Controller) needs a reset, when this kind of symptoms appear:

  • Power Management problems: shutting down; does not wake up; doesn't go to sleep; battery is not charging
  • Cooling System Management: fan hits top rpms; computer feels hot and fan is not varying its speed
  • Lighting/Contrast Management: unable to change contrast; contrast goes from dark to full brightness; keys backlight not working
  • External displays Management: VGA or HDMI adapters not working

The procedure to reset the SMC on a MacBook Air 2015 will be:

  1. Shut down computer; force shut down
  2. Connect the power adapter
  3. On the computer keyboard press SHIFT-CTRL-OPTION and POWER buttons simultaneously. Keep them pressed for 3 seconds approximately
  4. Release all keys at once. The led on the charger might change color to indicate that an SMC reset has been performed
  5. Boot the computer as usual

Booting process might take longer than usual. Some power related parameters will be reset to factory settings, such as sleep time.

I hope this works.

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SMC reset did the trick in my case, thank you for the help.


You are very welcome! Now you can share the trick knowledgeably! Cheers!


I looked hard at semi- retiring to Quito but getting Mac parts there stopped me.


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We know the power feed from the MagSafe is working (Amber to Green). We don't know yet what the state of the battery as we can't get it to boot up. If we could I would try running coconutBattery to see the health of the battery.

Lets see if the power pads will kick the system on. Here's the location of the pads:

Block Image

Did quickly shorting across the pads cause the system to start up?

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very sorry for the late replies here, SMC reset did the trick of fixing it.


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