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Where can I learn microsoldering?

I am looking for a way to learn microsoldering. It seems relatively hard to find anything helpful on the subject. I've found many youtube videos on it, but most of them assume you have prior experience and use all sorts of terms that I don't know. And many of them don't even have words. Does anyone know of any online courses that are not extremely expensive, or does anyone have any tips/pointers regarding microsoldering? Any help is appreciated.

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Yes I agree....... "so called" instructional videos where the person does not even speak and has horrible music are really pointless....... there are however many good ones. Start with ipad Rehab as Jessa is easy to follow and listen too. If you don't understand some of the terms used....... google them. Read read read........... I can spend hours searching youtube !

I searched for "Replace ipad mini frp connector" which is my goal....... to be able to replace one of these tiny suckers ! Jessa has an excellent video on this and there are many others.......... I watched many of them....... all on the same frp connector... This is not something you can learn in a couple of hours. I have a pile of junk phones to practice on........ one being a G3 that needs a charge port. Should be a good starter project and I may end up with a phone I can sell ;-)


I am thinking myself about learning micro soldering and I got a comment and a few suggestions for you to think about. I am a disabled 60 year old that has been disabled since I was 25 and as time has gone on my disability has just about robbed me of all my likes and hobbies I am thinking about learning micro soldering so I can maybe tinker around with fixing smart phones as a hobby . I have an electronics background but havnt worked the field since the early 80, its a whole different thing than it was back in the 80,s. back then you never even heard the word micro soldering. but I think for you to be any good in this endeavor you will need some knowledge of the field of electronics. what I mean is item recognition , to know what things are and some basic electronics would be helpful. most small towns have community colleges or vocational schools that offer small 4 to 6 week courses in different fields, so check around and see if any of them in you area has any of the electronics courses that would help you.


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Learning to microsolder is difficult with low quality equipment. If you want to put out a fire, then a firehose with a steady strong stream will make the job easy, where a firehose that puts out fits and starts of water with variable water pressure will be very difficult if you've never done it before.

My YouTube channel iPad Rehab has tons of videos that walk you through my thought process as I diagnose boards in real time and you can listen to my tips on technical proficiency. My advice would be to join a forum, like this one, and solve one problem at a time--ask for help after you've exhausted all other resources and have put considerable thought into the problem and have gotten stuck.

Our Practical Board Repair School is a great way to skip the 6 months-2 years that it can take you to learn microsoldering by trial and error and we often have complete beginners at the course. However, this is an investment and you need to be sure that you'll have the business volume after learning the art of microsoldering and board repair to make it worthwhile to invest in training and tools.

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How much would it cost for that practical board repair school


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Wow, I find it hard to believe you have difficulty finding anything helpful. I agree that many videos focus on troubleshooting and assume a certain working knowledge and skill level. That said, there are so many videos I wouldn't even know where to start (which is probably the real challenge).

I would go back and look at the earlier videos by @jessabethany. She also did a greatvideo series with iFixit too. We often forget that she too had to start at the beginning and learn all of these new skills.

She also prefaces all of her videos with the tools she uses. So I would look at those videos, consider the tools she recommends and buy what you need/can afford and start practicing. Jessa also offers a training course but I'll let her reach out to you on that to say if it is better to take a class first or practice first, at least for a complete newbie.

Welcome a-board!

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