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How to replace Front Heater Core?


Can someone post graphical pictures and Step by Step guide for removing Dash and replacing the Front Heater Core in a 2006 Dodge Caravan.

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Sorry no pictures :)instructions at http://www.ehow.com/how_4520846_replace-...

Replacing the Front Heater Core

1 Turn the steering wheel so that the wheels point straight forward.

2 Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable.

3 Drain the coolant by twisting open the valve at the bottom of the radiator. Use a clean container that holds at least 10.5 quarts. You will reuse the coolant later.

4 Remove the panel on the lower left side of the steering column and disconnect the parking brake cable with a pair of pliers.

5 Unscrew the 10 bolts that connect the steering column cover liner to the instrument panel and remove the cover.

6 Turn the key to the LOCK position and turn the steering wheel to the LOCKED position.

7 Unhook the gear shift cable and remove its mounting bracket.

8 Unscrew the two screws that connect the bezel to the instrument panel and remove the retaining clips. Remove the bezel.

9 Remove the two screws that connect the steering column shroud to the column and remove the shroud.

10 Remove the coupler from the steering column and intermediate steering shaft.

11 Loosen the nuts that connect the lower steering column mounting bracket, but do not remove them. Completely remove the two nuts and washers from the upper bracket.

12 Pull out the steering column.

13 Remove the interconnect and bracket that connects the instrument panel to the chassis wiring.

14 Remove the boot from the bottom of the steering shaft.

15 Use locking pliers to pinch off the heater hoses in the engine compartment. Remove the plate covering the heater core (the hoses run through it) and disconnect the hoses.

16 Unclip the connectors that hold in the heater core. Lift the accelerator pedal to enable you to slide the heater core out part way. Press the brake pedal to make room to completely remove the heater core.

17 Replace the heater core. Installation is the reverse of removal. The nuts on the steering column mounting bracket should be torqued to 105 ft. lbs. Torque the pinch bolt on the coupler to 21 ft. lbs.

It is available at http://www.redlinemotive.com/replacement... and of course here http://www.car-stuff.com/dodgeheatercore... not cheap :)

Good luck.

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+ getting good at research ;-)


+ This is a job I think I'd pass on doing--wow.


impressive! +


can I get a video or more about how to replace the heater core ???? please its a pain in the but the steps I have got told are not getting me very far, thanks


@ sarah, did you follow the steps listed in the original answer? Those are from the repair manual


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i did most of what the response said however i didnt completely remove the steering shaft simply remove the one bolt and took off the plastic cover at the base and lifted the shaft up and slid out the core whole job took me 3 hours and it was my first time doing it i also took more of the dash out then i probably needed so the job could most likely be completed in two hours

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