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Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Anybody know if those "high capacity" batteries for iPhones work?

@refectio @benjamen50 @theimedic @oldturkey03 @mayer anybody know if those "high capacity" batteries for iPhones work? It says it's 2680mah for iPhone 5 and one of the phones I bought had one inside it.

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@gigabit87898 originally this was left by you as a comment on How do I know if the logic board will work? Since I had been working on a test regarding this exact question, I figure I might as well post the test as an answer until I get around to creating a Wiki for this.

There are plenty of answer regarding the Gold High Capacity Batteries on the internet but I feel that it is time we on ifixit take a good look at those as well. After all, ifixit seems to be the place people turn to for answers. Here it goes:

I figured it might be worthwhile to post my test regarding the "Gold High Capacity Batteries". For this test I used Apple iPhone 5 batteries simply because I needed some replacements for replacements anyway and did not want to purchase something I would only use for this test.

The Batteries are offered on multiple outlets like, and multiple other online stores. The prices for those batteries are usually 50% higher than for a regular battery. That by itself would not be bad, if those batteries truly have higher capacity storage.

For my test, I used two Apple iPhone Batteries. One is advertised as a standard 1440mAh while the Gold battery is advertised as 2680mAh. Price for the standard was $7.20 and the Gold was $10.79. Both, the standard as well as the Gold battery, had a wide range of prices. The Gold battery was always higher.

The equipment used for this test were:

1. K9201 Fast Battery Charger Activation Circuit Tester

2. EBD Constant Current Electronic Load 3A 20W 12v battery capacity tester

3. 6x8cm Double Side Prototype Board

4. Battery Connector Apple iPhone 5

5. EB Tester software V1.8.5

6. USB to TTL Serial Converter Cable for the capacity tester

7. Pocket Digital Jewelry Scale

8. 150mm Vernier caliper

Item number 1 and 2 are tools I have been using to test and charge batteries for repairs and were not exclusively obtained for this test. Item 3 and 4 were needed for the easy of connected the batteries to the capacity tester. I soldered the battery connector to the prototype board and attached two wires to it.

Block Image

Those were connected to the capacity tester.

Block Image

For the report I will simply refer to the standard battery as “standard” and the Gold High Capacity” as “Gold”

I decided that I did not want to test these batteries simply by placing a large resistor as a load. The current will decrease over time since the voltage of the battery will drop. Due to the constant resistance but the drop in voltage and current, the result would be to inaccurate to properly calculate. I opted for the battery capacity tester so as to assure that the current supply remains the same regardless of how the battery voltage changes. This would guarantee that the power consumption on the batteries would stay consistent throughout the test.

Both batteries went through 6 charge/discharge cycles prior to the test. Both batteries were fully charged via the K9201.

Block Image

Block Image

The physical properties of the batteries are as follows:


Height 90.30mm (3.55 inch)

Width 31.50mm (1.24 inch)

Thickness 4.04mm (0.158inch)

Weight 24.04 gram (0.848oz)


Height 91.72mm (3.61inch)

Width 32.01mm (1.26inch)

Thickness 3.86mm (0.152inch)

Weight 23.53 gram (0.830oz)

No significant difference in properties

After measuring the dimensions on both batteries, it was time to connect them to the battery capacity tester. The test program was set to a constant 0.500A (500mA) so as to not drain the batteries to quickly and causing physical damage to the battery. The cutoff voltage was set to 2.9V since this is the voltage where I found most lithium-ion batteries do no longer get charged through the device.

Here is the synapse of the test results

Standard Battery

Title:EB Tester Software

Mode:D-CC (Constant Current Discharging) 0.50A 2.90V

Begin Volt:4.189V

Cutoff Volt:2.904V



Avg Volt:3.69V

Total time to reach the cutoff voltage of 2.9V was 9764seconds 2:42:44hours

Block Image

Gold battery.

Title:EB Tester Software

Mode:D-CC (Constant Current Discharging) 0.50A 2.90V

Begin Volt:4.182V

Cutoff Volt:2.904V



Avg Volt:3.61V

Total time to reach the cutoff voltage of 2.9V was 9933seconds 2:45:33hours

Block Image

Looking at the results from this test it clearly shows the Gold battery has a capacity of only 1376mAH. This is 49% less than advertised on the battery as well as the websites where these batteries are sold.

This test showed that while the Gold High Capacity Battery did not have a higher capacity, it is not any worth than the standard battery. So it would be okay to purchase these batteries if the buyer would want a standard capacity replacement battery for a higher price.

'Buyers Beware!'

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That was an amazing answer! This should be turned into an article!


@gigabit87898 thank you sir. I appreciate it!


Thanks for the info. I was thinking whether the gold standard batteries were actually worse than the standard ones.

Looks like they both are just the same which is better than it being a bad quality battery.


@benjamen50 my thoughts exactly. Only bother with this is that people buy them for higher prices with greater expectations.


Wow, Uncle. Really great test! Very cool. Too bad, though. Mine and the little lady's iFixit batteries are dying at the same rate as our two year old oem ones! We also both work 12 hour days on the regular. Too bad the bling doesn't sing


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