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I got my screen ruined

I've cleaned the metal parts of my macbook using glass cleaner but it looks like some of the liquid was spilled under the jeyboard/screen. And now my screen has this look: http://i.imgur.com/eK59JI0.jpg

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Could you use somewhat of a less busy desktop so we can actually tell what the screen looks like?


I cannot take another picture because I've let the computer in a bag with rice. At the left of the screen there's a line where the colors are inverted, and in the middle of the area there is a blue line and a white line. When I try to place the mouse over that area the mouse goes at the opposite way because I think this area is mirroring the screen


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This will 100% be a screen issue (liquid has got onto the screen board, under the silver frame), nothing on the logic board can cause the screen to do this.

I would check the logic board for any liquid, cleaning with 95%+ isopropyl if there is (doubt it, unless you really flooded the screen) and order a new screen across if the board is clean. 2010-2012 screen assemblies will work on your model, and you can replace it using the guide below.

MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012 Display Assembly Replacement

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First, never use glass cleaner to clean your screen! Use a slightly damp microfiber towel.

As for your current issue this should be treated as a liquid damaged unit and follow this standard protocol

Power your MacBook down as quickly as possible– Power off your Mac as soon as you discover that it has been exposed to liquid! The vast majority of spills occur when the MacBook is powered on and in use, it is imperative that you fight the urge to dry it off and continue working. Do not attempt to power the MacBook, electricity is the catalyst for the corrosion process.

Unplug any accessories – This one is important, some devices send electrical current back to the Logic Board thus causing more damage. Additionally having any hole available so the liquid can escape from is always a plus.

Dry off any and all external liquid – While it will be nearly impossible for you to dry off any of the internal components so make sure you dry of the outside of your Mac carefully. When drying of the outer parts of your Mac, avoid rolling it around, doing so only cause the liquid to pitch and roll throughout the unit unnecessarily exposing more internal components to the liquid. Finally carefully flip the unit over keyboard side down and allow gravity handle the rest. This will direct the liquid away from the main logic board.

Putting your MacBook in rice may give you a false sense of security. Putting your in rice after MacBook water damage has occurred is said (wish I knew said this nonsense) to dry up the water and prevent any additional damage. Rice does not benefit a water damaged MacBook in any way. My guess is that this was a tactic used service providers to deter people from attempting to power on the device after the spill, if your Mac is in a big bag of rice then your not trying to power it on. We all know that it takes every ounce of self control not try to power your Mac on every hour to see if it has come back to life. Remember trying to power on the Mac after the spill is a big NO NO!

Blow-dryers are Bad idea – Forcing heated air into your make will accelerate the drying process but it will also push the liquid across otherwise dry components exposing more of your MacBook’s critical internal components to the initial spilled liquid, additionally you may melt the keyboards internal membrane and rendering the keyboard useless.

If your Mac has a User serviceable Battery Unplug it. Electricity is the catalyst and accelerates the corrosion process. If your Mac is still on, power down the unit down immediately and remove any power source. If your Mac has a “user serviceable battery” you may want to completely remove the battery, newer MacBooks this is typically not an option

Allow the unit to dry for several days then reassess the unit to see if your still experiencing the same issues. Remember failing to be patient can result in lager issues, there is no quick fix for liquid damage.

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Okey I've powered of the mac and I will let it stay in a bag for some weeks


Not in a bag, needs to be out and open. Let it sit open for a few days then power it up and see if you still have the display issue.


The reason not to use glass cleaner is that it contains ammonia which will ruin the display by making it less transparent. Great answer by G. Mccatty.


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