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Power and Sleep issues not resolved by Removing PRAM Battery? Help!

Read through all the posts related to power/sleep and could not find a solution for the issues with my 15" G4 Powerbook.

Here are the symptoms:

-Started noticing an issue when battery meter in the tool bar would deplete after about 5 mins of removing AC adapter. (did not confirm at this point if the battery was actually drained or if only the battery meter drained) Computer would go to sleep upon depletion. Then when I would reinsert the ac adapter, the computer would not wake up until about 10 mins later.

-The issue progressed to the computer not waking up at all after the previously described circumstance.

-Then I figured I had to remove the battery and ac adapter until the pulsing sleep light went off, then reinsert the battery and the ac adapter and the computer would restart.

-Now every time I shut down the computer, I have to do a pmu reset to get the computer to boot. (press control + option + command + power button for 5 secs)

Any advice on resolving this issue? I was considering replacing the PRAM battery, but I checked it on a volt metered and it meter at 3.7V so that seemed okay. Not sure if I should replace the entire PRAM circuit.

The computer is about 7 years old, but still works great other than these power issues. Do not want to spend too much on repair parts seeing as I can get something brand new for around $1000.00.

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Stupid question, but when the sleep light comes on and you re-attach the AC adapter, have you tried simply pressing the power button to wake the computer back up? That's the typical method of getting a machine out of sleep mode (I've found that some people are not aware of it). Of course, you will need the AC attached, as a dead battery does not have enough power to bring it back out of sleep mode.

Most likely the problem is simply a bad battery. Have you removed the battery in order to determine if all these issues occur with the battery out? If they don't, that's a sign. Also, Google "Coconut Battery", download it, and run it, and see what the maximum capacity of the battery is. Again, most likely the battery is just bad. A bad battery will not have enough power for the computer to come out of sleep mode, and so the sleep light will pulse until you restore AC power again and press the power button.

If the issue is deeper than this, I'd suspect the DC-in/sound board, since it's responsible for most power functions. I'm not sure the PRAM battery really has anything to do with it. When you twist the AC adapter plug in the socket, does the color of the ring around the plug change at all? I'd also reseat the RAM, and try another AC adapter, just to rule that out.

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No stupid questions here. Thanks for the reply.

The power button will not wake up the computer from sleep.

I will try the Coconut Battery and let you know the results.

The ac adapter is an after market without the light around the connector, and no other indicator of the charge on the battery. I'll try to reseat the ram. Not sure if I can come across another adapter w/o shelling over some dough.

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Downloaded coconut battery and all looks good except the capacitance. CB says the original capacitance of the battery was 4200mAh and the current battery capacity is 124 mAh (2%). CB also shows the battery is being charged by the adapter and can tell whether or not the adapter is plugged into the computer.



Tried removing the battery and getting the computer to awake from sleep. Not luck, power button does nothing, does not turn computer off. I had to do a PMU reset to get anything to happen. Same thing if I shutdown the computer, have to do a PMU reset to get the computer to boot. All this with the battery removed. Dang!


Definitely a dead battery. 124MAH is only a few minutes of power, at most, which means it's useless and will cause the computer to fall asleep almost instantly, because it does not have the capacity to run your machine. I'd remove the battery and never put it in your computer again -- it's good as dead, and not helping you. If you power the computer on without the battery in it (a battery like that is only going to cause issues) do you still experience the symptoms?


Yeah, not sure if the battery is the cause of my issues or not. For example, I've had the battery out of computer for about 2 days now and still, the computer can not be put to sleep or shut down with out having to do a PMU reset to reboot. The computer will not wake up on its own and will not boot up on its own from a shutdown state.

The battery is definitely worthless though.


Can you borrow a new battery to try?


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Probably could if I knew anybody with one. Powerbooks are kinda rare these days. Not likely I could find one.

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