Water damage now not charging

About 2 weeks ago my girlfriend split water on my macbook air right on the power button while I wasn't home. She flipped it upside down and then put it in rice to try to dry it out. When I got it, it would not turn on and when plugged into charger, the charger would not light up or charge the system. I took it to apple who said they would need to replace the logic board and it would be 750. I then took it to a near by repair shop who said they opened it and could not get it to turn on. As my final option I took apart my mac, took out the logic board and cleaned it with a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. When I reassembled it and tried to turn it on, it did, however the charger was still not lighting up or charging the mac, but there was battery life. I ordered a new magsafe port and replaced that and it did not help. I am pretty sure the battery is not fried because it does turn on and use battery life, but will not charge at all or even recognize the charger is plugged in. Is there a way to fix this? Maybe a fuse to fix or something?

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