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MacBook shuts down randomly with still battery charge left

Lately my macbook randomly shuts down when working on it. I can work on it for about 2 hours, shut it down, but when I want to start it again later the same day, it will start and immediately after login turn back off. When I try restarting at that point the dead battery sign comes on. I know the battery is not dead, because when I plug the laptop back in, the battery is still at 40% or higher.

I don't know what I have to do, I need my macbook on the go. I'm a repairing guy, but I need tips on where to start looking.

Than again I started looking online, and found out that there is a graphics card return program. Could my macbook be considered under this program with the problems i'm having?

Update (10/09/2016)

Block Image

This is how it looks right now after my first discharge and charge

Update (10/10/2016)

Block Image

@danj I've done another discharge, and this is the result after.

Maybe i should indeed take the battery off and try that to give the reset.

What tutorial should i follow to do this?

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Yes your machine may have this issue but it usually exhibits video or power up issues:


This can only be confirmed by taking it to an ASP or Apple store for the test.


I suspect you didn't get the system to reset the SMC. Try again.

The other option here is to open the system up so you can disconnect the battery. But you need to hold the button a good minute as well so the system circuits are discharged.


Ok, do I just follow the tutorial to disconnect the battery than? What button are you talking about?


Follow this guide:Battery and Trackpad. Disassembling MacBook Pro 15" Retina 2012-2015. Go up to Step4, that should do it.


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First you should get an app that can help you see the battery condition. Here's a free one: CoconutBattery.

As to why your system is shutting down while it has still lots of power is often a messed up SMC. What happens it the SMC holds a high and low watermark (the batteries charge) so it can go into power save mode so you don't loose what you are working on. I would reset it following this Apple T/N: Reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac. Then after your system is fully charged let it fully discharge at least two times this will reset the low water mark to be at the correct level.

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The problem is though that every time I want to discharge it completely, it goes into power save mode to early and I need the power adapter to start it up again. Would this still be the watermark?


As I said you need to do this at least twice and yes a discharged battery will act that way. You need to have Coconut running to see what it set to just after restarting with the MagSafe adapter reconnected. How about posting a screen shot of Coconut here so we can see whats up.


I have followed these steps twice now and I think I've finally done it correctly. I was having the same issues but I don't think I was following the instructions carefully. Once I reset the smc I then reset the NVRAM or PRAM according to the link above and LET IT DRAIN TWICE. My Mac just died again for the second time at around 16%. So I plugged in the charger when I realized that my computer was on sleep and the battery percentage was at 0!


So, i am facing a similar kind of problem. The MacBook just turns off at around 20% mark. when i try to switch it on, it shows low battery sign. However, when I plug in the power cord, it shows 20%+ battery. I have followed @Dan's method and that mark have dropped to 8%. Going to drain the battery second time now. Hopefully, it will correct the issue. Will post the result here. Thanks!


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