Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Are there any solutions for recovering data from my dysfunctional iPhone if I have not backed it up?


My iPhone won't turn on n charge. I search on google and read more than 200 article and try all the way but didn't turn on iPhone. I can connect to the iPhone in DFU mode and iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. Popup the message You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.

If I click on this, it warns me that factory settings will be restored and that data will be lost. I don't want to lose my data. I didn't have backup.

I go to apple showroom the guy told me have hardware problem.

If i restore the iPhone in recovery mode not sure can be restored successfully without any problems and iPhone turn on but the apple guy told me is hardware problem if hardware problem then how to restore iPhone in recover mode?

I take the iPhone in phone market in hong kong. There is so many repair mobile shop can easy to change anything in any mobile. i go to many shops after they checking the iPhone all they say can't repair. some say CPU or motherboard or logic board.

Let's start discussion.


1. I saw on video in china they can take out very easy memory chip from iPhone.

Question :

A. After take out the memory chip from my iPhone they can backup to my computer?

B. Can backup to my account iCloud Drive?

C. They can restore my data to new iPhone?

D. Is possible without take it out memory chip can backup to my computer or iCloud Drive they can do this ?

E. VERY IMPORTANT: If they can back up on their PC then they can restore the data to any iPhone by copy serial number for hacking ?

I read on this post Mr.Tom Chai say Recovering data stored on NAND chip on iPhone 6

No they cannot transfer data from the chip.

They just do a backup on their PC for you, that's it.

They just copy serial number onto new chip, then restore iphone backup

2. Buy second hand iPhone then ask them take it out my iPhone memory chip and put in second hand phone.

Question: After they change the memory chip then second phone show all the apps and my data? If iPhone work this way then also can backup on iCloud Drive?

3. If have Logic Board problem then i change the logic board then my data memory chip put on my logic board.


A. Where i can buy Logic Board iPhone 6 plus 64 Gb ?

B. iPhone show all the apps and my data ?

C. Can backup to my iCloud Drive ?

Someone saying: he pointed out that it's a small ic chip on the logic board are common to blow on these and will stop ur iPhone from powering on or even charging he did the repair today and walla it's back working I honestly thought the phone had it but 100% this is the issue its caused by overcharging.

Questions: Which ic chip on the logic board?

I download many account apps where i save the data because that apps didn’t have backup service. I have get back data.

If any other option available please share here to help others.

I already spend 15 days on searching and read article and wasting my time. Hope soon can find the way to recover the data.

Thanks very much

iPhone 6 Plus 64GB

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@goldenwater bottom line here is that you cannot retrieve your data by any other means. You cannot replace the IC's since they are encrypted to the board as well as other IC's. All your questions are based on the assumption that you can replace this IC's and continue to read the data on it. This does not work, no matter how you look at it.

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Have you thought about this. If the data is that important to you, go on eBay and find a good working used iPhone , buy a iPhone off of eBay with a cracked screen, or somethikng like that. Make sure the one you buy is exactly like the one you have, same model, same GB, same. Carrier.

Then, take the motherboard out of your no working iPhone and install it in the used working Iphone and see if that works . Then put the iPhone that you bought off eBay back together and sell it on eBay for what you paid for it.

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Ummmm...... If you transfer your logic board you will transfer al your data too...


@kongfish rethink your answer on this.....


The board is broken, you are not getting to the point.


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