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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Battery indicator stuck at 53%

I have left my MB in charging mode for night, but in the morning i have discovered that it was still in charging mode and battery indicator showed 53%. Since that time i have reseted it few times (SMC) but it haven't helped :( after charging, time life shows 4 hours, but percent still shows 53% and percentage do not moves however, hours goes down...

i have also retrieved system information several times, which told me that my battery is not fully charged and after 26 cycle of full charging it has 89% of capacity

but it does not matter is it really fully charged or not, it just shows 53% and half charged icon :(((

system tells that battery condition is OK

i cant remove the battery due to specific construction of unibody, and cant bring it to service center because, there is no service center in the country where i'm living now.

also magsafe never turns in green due to system never tells that it is fully charged

i have tried to reinstall mac OSX two times and i have tried windows 7 too, but no results. windows tells that it is plugged in but not charging. and 53%!

i think it's cant be hardware, might be it's drivers of mac OSX ???? something like power management ? it would be great if macbook had something like BIOS but i could not find it

HELP! SOS! who can solve the problem.


sorry for my English i have been learning it just for 8 months :)

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I'd like to solve this problem without apple !


Why, if it's under warranty the only reason I can think of that you wouldn't want Apple in on it is because you are what your icon indicates.


actually, i have never broken the law . only reason why i can not send it to apple that I live in another continent. and if i sent it i would send it back after a month . i have legally owned apple macbook where the osx was included so do not say bad words about me it's not polite !!! it's just a picture nothing more. as you can see my english is not good, so i think it would be a problem to apple's worker to understand me and my problem by phone


Please look at the link I gave you in my first response for a Apple location in your own country. Turn around is usually 4 days. Apple even ships a box to ship it in and you should have it the next day. Their repair service is usually one day. I've never seen better service. What country are you in?


i'm in kazakhstan! i have been there in apples center but they told me that they are not authorized service center and are not recognized by apple. and they wanted to charge me about 150$ just to disassemble it and to repair thy told me that it would take about 300-400$ and one month.

as you can understand i'm not idiot :) to pay money for nothing. i'm going to visit Canada so i think i would take it to there to authorized service center ! lets see what they would tell me about their product failure!

i have verify the serial number of my macbook and it is under warranty till December

i would like to mention one thing about your behavior there is impolite to call people pirates and i think you should excuse for you words!


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As you can see from the following link, Apple provides service all over the world. If your machine is still under warranty and you can get FedEX deliveries, contact Apple at the nearest location or country. Turn around time is usually four days:

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are there any solution? without sending it to apple

because fedex will charge a lot! and apples nearest service center is very far from me :(


Apple pays all charges on warranty work


They even FedEx you a box to ship it in


and how can i find out is my MB under warranty or not. i have bot it on ebay


The A1342 wasn't produced until October 2009 at the earliest so it has to be under warranty. Did you ever register it?


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well, maybe. But, in my experience it's controller dependent, which is why one sees them as componets of the BIOS set up. My initial fear was, and still is, that the battery controller on you laptop is bad, or the controller on the battery is bad (if it's one of those "smart" ones). In other words, the battery is probably good, but the Asus firmware is misreporting the capacity to the ACPI. It may be that the steps of removing and reinstalling the physical battery and the ACPI driver for it will have no effect, so worst case scenario is, short of a board replacement or firmware upgrade form Asus there is no solution for you.

A work around is tell windows to ignore the LOW BATTERY and CRITICAL BATTERY conditions.

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Have you tried opening it and unplug the battery? It is possible, here's how MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Battery Replacement Just unplug it for a few minutes. If it does not works, unplug it again, then press the power button for about 30 seconds, after those 30 seconds, and while still pressing power button, plug the battery and then plug the magsafe and turn it on again. This should reset the battery memory chip.

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