Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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How likely repairable is a dead iPhone 6 +?

My iPhone 6+ died a couple of days ago. I had not yet upgraded to iOS 9.3 so I was still running 9.2.1. It seemed to do a spontaneous reset and then spent a long time on the apple logo boot screen. I went off doing other things assuming that it would come back like it normally does when it decides to reset itself, it seems to do that periodically.

Now there is no response. I've tried all the known reset methods, held the buttons for way over 10 seconds, etc. Left it on charge overnight. Nothing.

The phone has never been submerged in water, and no physical damage on the outside. It has been dropped multiple times inside a bumper case and has worked after each time. Any water exposure is from weather or wet hands. It was a refurbished phone purchased from ATT about a year and a half ago. No insurance, or protection plan.

I'm about to take it to the Apple store nearby and see if they can do anything to resurrect it. If not, then I'm wondering about repair probability. I would likely take it to a shop, unless it's a really easy thing to try out. I could do the repair work myself, I don't know if I want to take the time.

Any thoughts? Loose cables from dropping? How often does a phone just go dead, especially after appearing to reboot? Is there something else I can do that the Apple Store Genius might not be willing to do?



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First thing I'd try is another battery but try and get it replaced first.


So at the Apple Store Genius opened the phone up to check out the battery and found that the moisture sensor near the cameras had been triggered. He figures that there is likely circuit damage and that the phone won't recover. I've got it in a dry out bag with rice and silica gel, but if it didn't start after almost 2 days. I'm not sure it will. But it can't hurt while I figure out my options for replacing it.


Well after checking out some YouTube videos from iPad Rehab, I have learned about how rice and silica gel are bad for my phone. :-( I'm glad my pictures and important data are backed up.


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There is no easy answer here. This is an open-ended problem.

The first step is to differentiate whether or not the phone is booting into recovery mode vs totally dead.

Connect the phone to iTunes to see if it is detected.

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I could not get it into recovery mode in my initial set of attempts to restore the phone.


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Because the phone has been refurbished you really don't know all the history with the phone. The phone could have had a serious drop causing damage to the motherboard, you just never know. Now months later the phone been dropped again, which may have caused more damage to the motherboard, now to the point that the phone will not power up. I'm not sure what Apple will do unless the phone is still under warranty, which seeing its refurbished, I doubt there is a warranty. Apple will do an out of warranty swap on the phone.

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They would do an out of warranty swap for $250, I'd still be paying on the ATT NEXT plan until the phone is paid off. But for an additional $250 to get back in business, I guess it's not too bad. I've got a day or two to look around at other options. I'm going to the ATT store next and see what they say.


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