Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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How to avoid Yellow pressure marks on Loca Glass only Repairs?

How to avoid Yellow pressure marks on Loca Glass only Repairs???

After the glass only repair I get a yellow line around the edge of the screen, usually if I press down on the screen it will appear to disappear so I'm assuming its pressure on the LCD.

I have tried different cure times on the UV and 2 different lights. On is a 2 foot blacklight and one is fraud note checker you get in shops.

Doesn't seam to be any correlation. Anyone know how to avoid this? At first I thought it was the use of a compressor to remove excess glue from around the lcd after curing but it does it without. One time it vanished the next day and on another it appeared the next day from a good screen.

It is the last piece in the puzzle. everything else is ok.

Does removing a stray bubble cause this or pushing down to spread the loca out. But sometimes I didn't push down and it still happened!

Can it be putting too much?

Many thanks.

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With loca, you don't get an even amount of glue around the screen, so one section could have less loca and another but could have more, causing an uneven surface and probably causing pressure.

The only way to refurb properly is by doing OCA refurb and not LOCA. :-)

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Hi Simon, I was having your same problem at the beginning. Are you using a mould to do the job? I did the mistake of pushing the screen from the back and the problem is that the lcd flexed enough to make appear some yellow spots the day next I did the job. This is caused by the different pressure you apply on the lcd. If you use a mould you shouldn't have this problem because you apply pressure over the glass that makes it even on the lcd, or instead of using your hands you should try with a weight to spread the glue between the glass and the lcd. I hope this can help and sorry for my english (I'm italian). Bye.

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Hi James, thanks for your answer, I use a mould, I was not applying any pressure, just let gravity do it as I was trying to avoid much coming out the sides as it's hard to clean up.

May I ask you a few questions about your technique? I used a compressor to remove the glue around the edges as had many problems cleaning up, even though I removed the light it would seep in a few days later.

May I know how you cleanup please?

The compressor is good but is powerful & sometimes ripped the ribbon cables if i wasn't careful, I now selotape them up. Do you measure out the amount of glue or just judge it by eye?

Would you mind roughly describing the steps you take for a loca repair or any tips for me? Also how did you glue your frame on? What glue do you use, I tried UHU, it seams ok, double sided tape is rubbish & they came apart, superglue causes problems when it gets in places it shouldn't.

Also what LOCA do you use, I've been using TP-1000 generic brand, have you tried others? Any differences?

Many thanks


To clean it from the edges I just use a dust free cloth with isopropylic alcohol then I turn the display on every side to make the glue dry also on the edges on the back. If you use a mould I would suggest you to try a different glue, I use a tp2500 but I've tryed many from china that weren't really good. I would suggest some good seller with good feedbacks on ebay. Using the mould the pressure should be even but I do not recommend the compressor to clean it because it's really too strong. Hope this can help you.


Hi many thanks, I will try some differrent glues and that.


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