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Should I spend on this adapater

The adapter I want to buy is this one:

The thing is, I`ve got the Broadcom BCM94360CD but I saw this web selling an special adapter for iMac 2011 which the antena location is reversed from the normal cheaper adapters that doesnt fit good on this one.

It looks this company is specialized making this kind of things so must be the good choice.

Some had the same question?

Thank you

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Why do you want to replace it?


@ Mayer - I think he wants Hand-Off and/or 802.11ac services using a newer AirPort card (BCM94360CD).


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You only need this upgrade kit if you want to gain Hand-Off services and/or 802.11ac.

The BCM94360CD is the correct part, there is no other that will give you the new continuity services (Hand-Off). You will be able to gain some performance improvement with the 802.11ac services offered in the new AirPort card. But it will not offer the full improvement as your systems antennas will limit you.

I'm not sure where you got the idea there are other options here. If you don't need these newer services and your current AirPort card is bad, just replace it with the older version, it will be cheaper and you don't need the upgrade kit either.

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Thanks for the comment, I've got a xiaomi wifi ac antennas which is perfect, the other thing is that my airport from imac disconnects randomly with no cause, I've been looking for a while everything in my hand, restore the mac with the newest update el capitan, change DNS, everything i can think, so must be a problem from the wifi card which I'm gonna replace it by myself because its cheaper than apple store and they just gonna replace it for a new same $@$* card, also it is not under warranty anymore so...

I' m gonna try this adapter with the new broadcom card :) cheers


Hold on here! Your problems maybe one of conflicting AP's near you. Download a WiFi Sniffer application like: WiFi Explorer See what AP are also present near you and what their SNR is. You'll likely want to alter your AP's settings so you are on an unused area. I would do that first before looking for a hardware problem!


Yes, I've got like more than 30 wifis around me because I live in a flat, so there are a lot of antennas, but the thing is my brother is next to me with a PC not mac and he never had any problems with that so just Mac has this problem apparently or maybe this card, don't know.

How do I use that software? I've already downloaded it.

Thanks Dan


Look at your AP's network name in AP listings and look at the bands. you may find you have two entries one at 2.4 GHz and the other 5.0 GHz. I bet your 2.4 GHz entry is overlapping with others where the 5.0 GHz is not. Often people leave the default AP name for both which is a bad idea. What you want to do is go into your settings for the AP and alter the names slightly. I append 2 & 5 at the end of the name so they are unique. That way you can join the 5.0 GHz access which if you are close by the AP is the better connection. If the AP is not that close you'll need to alter the band setting in the AP if you can (some don't allow you) so its located in a less used part of the band. Look at the bottom bands display to help guide you here.


I suspect your brothers system has a newer ac card so it's leveraging more of the 5.0 GHz band area and has MIMO services as well. Sadly your system doesn't offer the needed antennas for MIMO so even upgrading the adapter might not offer that much improvement. Don't blame your system here, the cause here is WiFi is more popular than the standards group expected! So they didn't think about the band and signal issues being an issue in the older standard which has now been addressed somewhat.


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