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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Popup Shutdown and Auto Poweroff

My 13" MacBook Pro is just over a year and the problem occurred 2 weeks ago.

At first, it suddenly showed message "Are you sure you want to shutdown your computer?" shortly after the machine started. It kept showing the message after 20+ seconds even the "Cancel" button was clicked, as if someone has clicked the power button.

A hardware test was performed with the original disk and no problem found. It was then tried the "Erase and Install" but it halted and shutdown when it started the installation.

From then on, the machine is hard to power up, sometimes it can power up and sometimes not.

I brought it to the service center the staff there told me the logic board is probably had problem with water. But It had been using properly and was not spilled with water as far as I can remember.

Anyone know the reason or had similar experience please help.


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could be condensation. Leave that box in the car (or other unheated space) travel in and out of AC often and you could see "water" issues develop. Moisture indicators have been reported to change colors due to high humidity, not actual liquid spills.

Pull the top case and examine the logic board closely for beginnings of corrosion (discoloration) on the logic board components.

If you find some you should decide if its' severe enough to require replacing the board or if you merely need clean it. Cleaning takes time, but costs less than installing a new LB.

Carefully remove the board so you can check and clean both sides (before you start know how to disconnect the sensors and ribbon cables so you don't damage your board by breaking them) then clean both sides with a soft brush and some residue free electrical contact cleaner.

You can search for "logic board clean" and find more advice about how to accomplish this.

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Good Luck,


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So what guide we need to read? upper case or lower case?

sorry for the stupid question but i wanna be sure in what i will do coz i have the same problem.

when i push del or eject it pop up the same msg and its boring and when i travel with my macbook sometimes it will open and now i need to travel with the battery out of my mac:(

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Hi mikoaromin,

If your Mac still under warranty, send it to the Apple Service.

As for my case, eventually it was found that the northbridge on the logic board was dead. I had it repair and my Mac was alive again.

If there is no service technician able to do that, then the only option would be to replace the logic board.

Hope this help.


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Update: Never mind, it’s acting up again. Time to look for a new MacBook (it has other issues too, e.g. with the battery, and the left shift, ctrl, and option keys don’t work, and it’s just really old). In the meantime, I’m now trying the “paper clip crammed into the eject button to hold it down” trick.

Original comment: I had the same problem with my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010). Sometimes it would randomly shut down without warning. Sometimes I saw, "Are you sure you want to shut down your computer now?" Sometimes it would shut down during startup (but if I held down any key, it would start up completely).

I tried the same solution as above. Opened the back panel and disconnected the battery. Found the keyboard ribbon cable and the ZIF socket (see step 12 in this iFixit guide). Lifted the socket hinge and carefully removed the ribbon cable.

Cleaned the ribbon cable and socket with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. Blew out a few crevices and lightly dusted the logic board with clean Q-tips. Reinserted the ribbon cable. Reconnected the battery, screwed the back panel into place, and hit the power button.

It started up without holding down any key, and I've been typing this whole response without a hiccup. No need to replace the entire logic board, this did the trick.

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