The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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Do you all know about switching the housing to another color

Our business is starting to customize iPhones, do you all have a guide or video on that

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I'd recommend against adding that to your "menu" its a tedious pain in the rear with a higher risk than most iphone repairs because you're completely disassembling it and aftermarket housings always screw with the phone's baseband reception. Even after you've gotten "quick" at taking every last tiny thing out of an iphone and reassembling it, its still 45 minutes work at best.

You'll have an hour plus of time into the repair, a $30 part, a fairly high liability of the device, and nobody is going to want to pay your more than about $80 tops for that and they'll be few and far between. Customers (especially ones that are finicky enough to pay for a different color housing) don't want to be without their phone for more than 5 minutes and will be hounding you the whole time asking "is it done yet?" like a little kid asking from the back seat how much longer it is to Grandmas house. "are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there YET?" **kicks the back of the drivers seat and spills apple juice**

Decide for yourself if you think that's worth it.

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I'm going to take that off the menu


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It is possible to replace the case without affecting performance at all, provided if:

1. The replacement case has all the internal machining done properly (paint removed on conductive surfaces, compare original one for reference). If the internal is fully painted up, you will lose some reception for sure, as the paint is not conductive at all.

2. All parts are installed properly. Even some of the most insignificant parts like screws and washers are signal conductors, don't overlook them.

3. RF related flex cables are replaced with new ones during the operation, or at least the gold conductive adhesive are replaced.

And above all, you should know every detail of the installation so you can troubleshoot yourself when something goes wrong.

I have done several case swaps for iPhone 5 and all wireless performance checks out perfectly. However it can take up to two weeks since I don't keep spare parts and sometimes one round of assembly isn't enough, so I have to order parts twice.

It is possible, however not very viable.

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How are you determining that the performance isn't affected? Looking to see how many "bars" of service it has isn't a tell at all. I've not seen a case swapped phone act right. You might not notice, your customer might not notice, my oscilloscope and service monitor doesn't lie.


So we should continue to do custom iPhones


Bobby, don't worry I know what I'm doing. Here's how I test the wireless performance on iPhone 5:

First call *3001#12345#* and check connected cell measurements, the most important parameter is RSSI. Compare with known good iPhones in known good environments.

Then disconnect the main antenna cable (the one on lightning flex) and check RSSI. It should drop but still working. (This way you check the top band antenna)

Then disconnect the RF bridging cables running through the board, connect the main antenna back, this way you check the main antenna only.

For Wifiand Bluetooth, just do functional test. An app called "sensor monitor" lets you see the GPS accuracy. Compare with known good iPhones.


Marques, if you can optain quality parts and install them properly and still manage to control the costs, I believe it is possible. I don't know the price range for parts at your place so you have to decide for yourself.


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