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Do I need to replace the logic board or..?

Back story:

I recently had to repair my laptop and had the hardrive and RAM replaced. It worked (better) for a couple days and then it bags to act up again. I was initially told it was the logic board but another place said it wasn't and repaired the RAM and hardrive for me.

What it does:

-Whenever I tilt it in a specific way, it glitches up with black stripes and the screen freezes, and then I have to shut it off.

-it also continues to glitch up and shut down on me, then starts beeping at me. Specifically 3 beeps.

Is there just something loose?

Help would be appreciated!!

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Can you give us the last four digits of your serial number so we can correctly identify your system.


I don't have it on me. (Out of town.) it's a mid-2012 15" unibody.


Did you bang or get your system wet (spilled a drink or sat it in a puddle)?


I might of bang/slam it. Haven't gotten it wet though.


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The 3 beeps are a RAM issue.

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I'm going to have to go with what mayer says 3 beeps=RAM issue...i've had several faculty members come to me with this problem and most of them just needed to have the RAM removed and reseated whereas at least 2 that I can recall had to have the RAM replaced completely.


Yes the beep error code is RAM. The issue why, as the OP claimed he had the RAM swapped out.


Check to see if the RAM is Type: PC3-12800 DDR3L Min. RAM Speed: 1600 MHz


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I agree with Mayer you are getting a RAM error (3 beeps). The reason I had asked if you has gotten your banged or wet is to try to understand if it was something you might have been able to repair your self.

At this point I suspect the cover crushed down on the RAM and the socket in the process damaging the socket. Often you can see the black plastic grounding spacers is broken near the socket: RAM & Socket just below the the RAM in this picture. At this point pull the RAM module in the upper socket to see if that helps here. If it does you'll need to use it this way. Maybe getting a denser RAM module to make up for the loss of the upper if you can. Or look at getting a new logic board as these sockets are not really replaceable. Sorry ;-{

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The only problem is that I got the RAM replaced and it still did the three beeps. :/ and after I got it fixed, I didn't slam it or anything either.


Yes, I understand you replaced the RAM modules, which is why I suspect the socket is damaged here. Pop off the bottom cover and see if the black plastic grounding spacer is still present and not broken. There just isn't much room under the cover so it doesn't take much force to push down on the RAM module to then transfer the force onto the socket.


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This is a bad RAM slot. One RAM slot is BGA, the other is through-hole. Read up on BGA soldering, and then through-hole soldering. Look at some pictures of each so you can tell immediately upon seeing something whether a component is soldered to the board using BGA or through-hole soldering..Then tell me which RAM slot is BGA, and which is through-hole.

Put one RAM stick in the through-hole soldered RAM slot, and no RAM in the BGA soldered RAM slot. The BGA soldered RAM slot often &&^&* up and results in what you are talking about here. There is no economical repair for this.

The place that diagnosed your logic board as the bad part was correct. The place that charged you for new RAM and hard drive are retards that have no place repairing consumer electronics.

The proper fix for this is to max out the working through-hole RAM slot and call it a day. has a really easy application that you download that tells you exactly what RAM you need for your specific model computer, a good warranty, and excellent prices. Just max out the working slot and call it a day, and try to get your money back from the idiots you paid.

8 GB of RAM is "enough" at this point in time, and is now the limit of the board with only one slot. Do not replace the board, just so you can go to 16 GB of RAM, this is a total waste of money. Just stick with 8 GB of RAM and use the saved money to get an SSD. Or even better, two SSDs in RAID 0 - your machine will scream and cease to feel "broken" with spinning color wheels everytime you try and load up something intensive.

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