The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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Shows apple logo for 1 sec and then goes black?

Hey there....

I have replaced the loudspeaker on an IPhone 5s...

The phone worked well before, the only problem was no sound.

Now it wont boot into IOS.. When i press the on/off button, it shows apple logo for 1 sec, and then screen goes black. But i can see that there are light in the screen (on the side when its not assempled),

If i try to start it by holding the on/off button, it shows the logo for 5-6 seconds and then goes black.

I have tried to go to recovery mode (or what it is called), but it wont let me.

Now i have replaced the bottom cable, with jack, charger and microphone on... Still nothing happens..

I have tried to connect a broken screen, but also with the same result.

The only thing i now believe it could be, is the battery. The first time i changed the part, i took the battery out. And when i was trying to boot the Iphone, i said that there was no power on, but the phone was fulle charged before i started.

Could it be a damaged battery??

Or is there someone that have an idea of what else could be wrong???

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Doesn't sound like a damaged battery to me. What you describe sounds like the phone can't boot iOS and thus shuts down or restarts, just like a computer would if it crashes during startup.

Are you sure you are following the correct procedure to get into recovery mode?

1. Connect a the charger cable to your computer and the phone. (USB -> Lightning cable)

2. Restart by holding the home button and sleep/wake button for a few seconds

3. When the screen turns off, release the sleep/wake button but keep holding the home button, the screen will most likely remain turned off. Check iTunes on the computer if it is detecting a phone in recovery mode. 4. Restore software using iTunes.

If this doesn't help or work most likely you have a damaged logic board. This could be due to various reasons, most commonly not using proper ESD protection during repairs. It says in the guide i linked that you might have felt a shock, but this is not true, ESD damage can be caused by shocks to small you can't feel it.

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If its not the battery, than its U2 charging chip on motherboard. Try to find someone to replace it.

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Boot apple logo, then one sec to black screen lit up means it's going into DFU mode due to corrupted firmware a.k.a unreadable system partition, if this is the result you either need to restore or NAND needs reprogrammed / reballed.

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Hi I’m Nirmal Singh. I’m currently having this issue with my mums phone. iTunes said it was because the iOS hadn’t been updated in awhile (which tbh, it hasn’t.) so that could also be ur issue.

UPDATE: I restored and updated the software. The phone now shows a regular screen. If you tried this and you cannot get the phone to restore, you may have a software issue - maybe the software encountered an interruption while updating, or when it failed. If you cant use iTunes, maybe try to update/restore using open source softwares.

If u wish to thank me, I’m a woman. Please do not red arrow me - I’m just sharing what worked for me. If it didn’t work for you, there are many possibilities as to why. Its not *my* fault and I’m not sharing anything offensive.

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by changing u2 chip on board can solve this problem the problem caused by shortage of battery or charger

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Hello Soren Pedersen,

I have the same problem with my iPhone 5S now (logo for 1 sec and then goes black with activ backlight).

Can you share the way, how did you solve it?



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i have the same problem is there anyone solve like this problem is there any solution for this ?? except u2 i-c is there any other solution? from what unit those this u2 ic d-same ???


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I change the u2 ic same problem

Update (11/14/2017)

I chang the u2 ic same problem

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