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Bypass battery instructions? Use wall charger only w/o battery...

I'd like to get rid of the battery in my 4S and run directly off of the wall charger. I use the phone as a wireless IP camera and it does a great job, but I've gone through three batteries exploding on me already. It is my old work phone, which I'm allowed to keep and use, but not sell (legal issues).

Is there a way to get the phone to THINK there is a battery installed, let it boot, and have wifi work - without installing yet another battery? I've read some posts with "bypass instructions" but those were for broken pad connectors - and though I have soldering experience, I would still like some hand holding for specific details/points if possible.

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I would be concerned about why three batteries have exploded--that is not normal. iphone 4s batteries should last for years for the cost of about $5. If your history suggests that you should expect a $5 battery to blow up, then that is concerning.


Well at least you didn't tell me to sell it :) It's been plugged in ALL day every day for 1.5 years now... that's why I want to ditch the batteries and go "corded". Battery expansion happens with ANY iPhone that's plugged in all day for months at a time.


No it doesn't happen unless there is something seriously wrong with your phone.


Well I must have something seriously wrong with two 3GS's, the main 4S, my iPhone 5, as well as my iPhone 5S which has only been plugged in for three months... seriously - lets stay focused on the point of this thread instead of arguing over if the phone is bad or not... :)

I'm just looking for instructions on how to bypass the circuitry to make the iPhone think there's a battery plugged in when there's not. There's only four pins - are two for charging and two for usage? I've seen great help on these forums before... very detailed and precise instructions. Anybody like that reading this thread?


If you remove the battery contact post from an old battery

(carefully Ripping/desoldering it off the old battery, some are removable and some are hard wired)

and hardwire from the charging post on the phone to the power posts of the battery contact. Get a zener didoce for the voltage of the battery and install it across these points paying attention to polarity. Then install a 10W resistor (your battery resistance will vary) to the battery sense pins on the battery contact. This will trick the phone into thinking it has a battery and it’s not over heating,

Note that the battery contact configuration will be diferent from phone to phone.


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I don't think it is possible to trick the logic board into thinking there is a battery attached. The 4 pins are VCC, GND(which are just fancy words for + and -), battery data bus and a NTC thermal probe. Charging and using both goes to VCC and GND, NTC can be tricked using a resistor, but the battery has a chip that reports battery status to the logic board. If the logic board does not detect the chip or the chip is reporting bad battery data(which is always going to happen if you decide to connect the chip only, without the battery cell), the phone immediately trips off and refuse to boot.

So just go with the battery connected. If all your devices pop, there must be something other than prolonged charging that has been causing the batteries to pop, for example overheating.

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The easiest and safest way to permanently plug your iPhone into an outlet is to plug your iPhone into a " mechanical outlet timer" and set the timer to only be on for 2 hours a day, as that will fully charge most iPhone models. Adjust timers "on" time as necessary, models are available that will go on two or more times, for batteries that are totally junk. They cost $5-$10 at any electronics store. For an iPhone battery to stay health it needs to drain and charge often. This will accomplish that. Cheers.

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