Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How to boot without power button?

I have a MacBook Late 2006 with a faulty power button.

Does anybody know where the pins to start it without the power button are?

Otherwise, how can I try to find them, and is there something I should know in order not to accidentally harm the computer during the search?

MacBook 13" Late 2006

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Can you give us the last three digits of your systems serial number so we can correctly identify which model you have. As you put both '06 & '07 dates in your question you could have one of two different models which are very different (Core Duo & Core 2 Duo).


Thank you Dan: you are right, I wrote both 2006 and 2007! Well, it is a Late 2006, but built in March 2007, that's why I got the dates mixed up.

Well, I think I found the pins: they're just below the fan and marked with "PWR BTN". Unfortunately nothing happens when I short them with a paperclip.


Can you still give us the S/N we may have something more here for you.


Sure! Serial is 4H71215UWGL


2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo (T7200)

Intro Date: November 8, 2006 Disc Date: May 15, 2007

Order No: MA700LL/A Model No: A1181 (EMC 2121)

Subfamily: Late 2006 Model ID: MacBook2,1

Std RAM: 1 GB Std VRAM: 64 MB

Std Storage: 80 GB (5400 RPM) Std Optical: 6X DL "SuperDrive"


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D P, to use the keyboard connector take a look on here. To use the power on pads, use the attached image to find those, shorten the pins out by using a small screwdriver. Be careful to not shorten anything else. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Update for no Power

Power issues, power adapter dead, no power

1. Check for damaged pins or magnetic debris on MagSafe power adapter. If pins are okay,

reseat power adapter connector and make sure it is fully inserted. Refer to Knowledge Base

articles 303566 “MacBook Pro: Troubleshooting MagSafe power adapters with stuck pins” and

302461 “Troubleshooting iBook, PowerBook G4, and MacBook Pro power adapters”.

2. Remove any connected peripherals.

3. Try known-good power outlet.

4. Remove battery, and remove AC power.

5. Press Caps Lock key to see if light on key comes on. If it does, hold power button down for six seconds to shut down the computer and restart.

6. Reset PRAM (Press the power button, then hold down the Option-Command-P-R keys until you hear the startup chime at least one additional time after the initial startup chime).

7. Reset the power manager. See Knowledge Base article 303319, “Resetting MacBook and MacBook Pro System Management Controller (SMC)”.

Warning: Make sure you do not hold down the “fn” key when resetting the power manager. Resetting the power manager means you will also need to reset the date and time (using the Date & Time pane of System Preferences).

8. Test each RAM slot individually with known-good RAM. (The computer should still start with only one known-good DIMM.)

9. Remove AirPort Extreme Card.

10. If computer starts on battery power only, try replacing MagSafe board with a known-good MagSafe DC-in board.

11. Verify cable connections and check cables for damage.

12. Verify power button is connected properly to logic board, if power button is not functioning correctly or damaged, replace the top case.

13. Replace logic board.

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Thans a lot for the video: very interesting!

I guess he doesn't know which pins to short, and he just tries, am I right?

Also, seeing that he uses an electrical cable, made me thinkg that perhaps I was wrong in trying to use a paper staple and holding it with my hands, since the fingers could block electricity.


looks like he is just shortening out pin 5 to ground. You are okay with holding a paperclip. It will not stop the electricity from flowing.


Pin 5 to the ground, you say? Ok, great! And where is the ground? :)


any logic board standoff would do


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Here is an alternative method.

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