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Doesnt show its made Year.

Im not sure if this is an actual issue.

I did buy this MacBook Pro used, and i keep on wondering why isnt it showing its Made year? Far as i have noticed, all other Mac's show that they have been made Early/Mid/Late ????

Why isnt my MBP showing it?

edit: also, forgot to mention, when i go over that place with mouse, it does show that there is supposed to be text, but i cant highlight that text.

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Is the connector fully seated? This shouldn't effect your S/N issue, but it could effect your display.


display is working fine, havent noticed any problems with it.

and yes, its mostly seated steady.


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The new version of Coconut battery has an option to tell you the date of manufactory of your laptop. Download it here, run it and let us know what it says:

Apples serial number check site shows this as an invalid serial number:

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Good catch Mayer! Very odd ...


Look on the bottom of the machine, the serial number is in very fine print. There is a tool that Apple provides to its service techs that can change the serial number. Some replacement boards come with no number and the Tech inputs the number when the board is exchanged. The tech could have entered it incorrectly.


Mayer, He did check it "yes, the serial number on the bottom of my laptop is the same one as in screenshot. and yes, the linked MBP is the one i have atm" I thought the same thing.


We know they have opened bogus Apple stores in China, maybe there are now bogus MacBook Pros entering the market. Wow, do a search for "fake macbook pro for sale" on Google, amazing.


okay, +info.

i know it has changed HDD and even battery might be changed.

reinstalling OSX M didnt help, and coconut shows this :D

im actually starting to think that this Mac had a major repair at some point or has been stolen and then sold in my Country, even tho previous owner (woman, about mid 40s~) said that she got it brand new.

+everything seems to be original in this case, except this glitch or whatever this is.

now im thinking about opening it up and checking for some additional info about it.

(gonna go to an authorized apple service next month or so, because we dont have real Apple store here in Latvia)

edit x2: also, im not sure, maybe HDD is corrupt? sadly dont have any other HDD to test it out now, will scan this HDD later.


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I think your serial number is not correct, did someone alter it?

Is the systems physical serial number match your About This Mac serial number?

I looked up your S/N you have in the picture you posted it doesn't come up with EveryMac it should report the model you have.

The model by the description is this one: MacBook Pro 15" i5 2.4 MHz Mid-2010. Is that what you have when you lookup the systems S/N if it's different.


Ok, let's try this:

See if the firmware updater will acknowledge the firmware on your system. Here's the Apple TN on how EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs

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yes, the serial number on the bottom of my laptop is the same one as in screenshot.

and yes, the linked MBP is the one i have atm.


Very odd... So either the system is a development system shipped to a software developer which didn't get returned to Apple or EveryMac has a failure in it's DB (less likely). If it was a development system it's possible the OS can't decipher the serial number to figure out what it thinks it is. The other possibility is the firmware is corrupted.


okay Thanks, i might try to reinstall OSX in next few days and see what happens then.

also, it might be that current OSX installed is corrupted, because it didnt even have restore partition on it, i had to create in manually.


Download a fresh OS installer from the App Store create a bootable thumb drive and copy over the installer to it so you can then wipe your system drive and create a fresh install. To be honest, I don't think thats the issue if it was why is the S/N lookup failing in EveryMac. So far I've not encountered issues with their DB. You could try bring it into an Apple Store or authorized service center and let them check it out. They have some tools that might give us a better clue. Please let us know what you find out this is an odd one for sure. ;-}


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