Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Strange screen problem(s): no image on the LCD

Over the last couple of days I've encountered the same problem on two different iPhones.

First one: I replaced the power button, put everything back together (original screen assembly) and the LCD stopped working. Also, I was getting the charge sound every 5 seconds when plugged in. Disconnected everything, put it back together after 30 minutes or so and the LCD powered up, got an image but the digitizer didn't work.

I tried replacing all the other components, even moved the logic board in another iPhone 5 but no luck. I believe something got damaged on the logic board but I find it strange that sometimes the LCD would work.

Second one: I replaced the screen yesterday, fitted a replacement copy assembly, phone worked ok until today when it suddenly stopped working. Same problem, the LCD is not turning on, the phone works ok in the background - this one doesn't do the charging sound every 5 seconds. I tried replacing the screen, I even fitted an original assembly but nothing worked.

Has anyone seen this kind of problems before? Thanks.

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You could have several different things going on, here's what I think:

1.) Whenever a phone doesn't work in a known good housing, it is a board problem.

An LCD that sometimes works and sometimes doesnt work is either:

A.) misinstallation--it lifted from the connector as you were lowering screen for example

B.) A power issue

C.) A backlight problem

2.) For both phones, I want you to consider this common problem and how it may relate to what you've noticed with the second, and possibly both phones.

iPhone 5 has a common problem that stems from damage to the U2 USB ic--perhaps through use of non-Apple chargers. The problems symptoms can be (one or more): no charging. fake charging. no-usb detection (i.e. no iTunes recognition) auto-power on after battery connection, and failure to charge a 0% battery.

I think of this problem when you describe a phone that worked okay (and then the battery dropped to 0% perhaps) and then suddenly stopped working.

3.) Backlight filters blown. For the second phone--any iDevice can lose its backlight when the LCD is disconnected while the battery is still connected. The backlight circuit has some filters that can be damaged from a sudden disconnect if the phone is accidentally turned on and you disconnect LCD. After that, the display will not work until the filters are replaced.

hope this gives you something to think about


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Thanks Jessa! I guess we'll never find out what happened but thank you for your thoughts, it's useful to get an opinion from someone who know more about how these devices work - I didn't know about those LCD filters.


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Is it possible u have damaged pins on the motherboard when installing screen?

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I agree that's possible but not likely. Also, this would explain the problem with the second iPhone. Thanks for your answer.


It's kinda hard to troubleshoot never heard of this happening before


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