Early 2011 MBPro GPU diode sensor issue

I have an early 2011 Unibody MBPro that recently is exhibiting some strange behavior with the GPU diode sensor. The machine has been reporting wildly fluctuating GPU temperatures for the diode (using Macs Fan app & Temperature monitor to pull the data).

The sensors has reported fluctuating temperatures anywhere from 2-3 degrees celsius, to report no temperature and then what I am assuming is a normal temperature of around 34-35 degrees celsius. I've had limited success when the temperature disappears to shut down and restart the laptop & to also perform the PRAM\NVRAM resets with no change to the temperature results.

I've had the logic board replaced already due to what may have been a GPU issue.

The laptop is a 15" w/ the 1680 x 1050 display & has the AMD 6750 graphics card.

Any thoughts on what the problem could be? I've already taken apart the system to re-apply AS5 to the CPU/graphics chips (this was done after I had started seeing the odd graphic sensor data).

Update (02/20/2014)

No error reported after running the AHT test.

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Do you get a GPU sensor error when passing the AHT test (Apple Hardware Test) ? Also, 34-35 degrees celsius seems a little low for the GPU. On mine it's rarely under 50-55 even on idle (readings from iSat Menus 3).


I have the same Issue


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