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new ssd errors when tryin to install

Just maked my second try on Samsung ssd. This time it shows my ssd(before is was blank) I got the new ssd samsung 840 evo placed in my macbookpro mid 2010. When internet lion recovery menu comes i want to make a partition on my new ssd but then i got a error of block orsomething and now ive tryed it again and i get this error; partition failed wiping volume data to prevent future accidental probing failed. Even when i try to erase i get that error.

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First is your current HD working? If it is put it back inside and place the SSD into a case or adapter to connect via FireWire or USB to your system. If not you'll need to boot up under an external HD or thumb drive.

Make sure you have applied the latest Firmware for your Mac EFI & SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs and SSD Samsung SSD Firmware Updates for Mac Users

Can you prep the SSD externally without errors? If you can you know you have either a compatibility issue or a bad cable.

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My current hd is working. Dont have a case or adapter. Where should i install that firmware for my mac?? in my current hd or ssd. And if ssd how can i install it if i cant make a partition.


The Mac EFI updates really needs to be run from your internal HD (which is why I stated you needed to put it back in). As to the SSD it's firmware needs to be installed from a working system via SATA or via USB which is why you need a case or SATA to USB adapter when you bought your unit didn't you get the laptop upgrade version? If you didn't you'll need to buy an adapter or case to house the SSD to set it up. Besides, after you swap out your HD for the SSD you'll need something to house your HD as it still can be useful as an external HD (getting a case instead). You didn't state if you were doing a dual drive setup are you?


Mac EFI is already u 2 date. Doenst the evo have the latest drivers? No dual drive setup just taked the old drive out and put the ssd instead


In most cases the SSD will have old software and firmware. This is where you need to update things all of the time. Please make the effort to make sure the SSD is up to date. And you download the latest version of the SSD's management app.

OK so you're not using a dual drive setup then - You know the story: Which came first the Chicken or the Egg.

Well your stuck in what we call a deadlock. As you are swapping the HD which has the needed OS with the SSD which does not have the OS on it. In order to break the deadlock you need to have BOTH drives connected at the same time!

To do this you need to leave the HD in your system so it is working. Then get a USB or FireWire case or a SATA to USB adapter so you can connect the SSD externally. Once you get to that point all you need to do here is to install the OS onto your SSD. An alternative way would be to get a USB thumb drive and make the Thumb drive bootable and copy over to it the OS-X installer files. Then swap your drives over as the Thumb drive is now the bootable drive allowing you to break the deadlock.


Ive tried to install osx lion on the ssd with a dock station but at the end when its almost done at 6 min it goes to 1 hour and 22 min and it wont complete or stays there


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Hi all, I've strugled for some days with the same problem but now it is solved. The problem was a faulty SATA cable. I've replaced it with a new one and now everything works as expected.

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Alex, I'm happy to hear you fixed your problem. And I often replace the SATA cables (Apple & some suppliers had a bad run of them). In this case the OP did not have a problem with the cable as his HD worked without any difficulty. His issue was the unit her was using to house the SSD externally.


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