iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111

Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How big a hard drive can I install?

I want to replace my existing hard drive. can i install a one tb hard drive or is that too big?

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Here is a 2TB for your computer. I'm sure if you look you will find a 1TB drive that fits. Ralph

2 TB 3.5" Hard Drive

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I know of no limits on the SATA hard drives for these machines. +

by mayer

Hi Caroline-- here is a link on how to install from Apple. Good luck. Ralph

by rj713

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I put a 1TB drive in my 24" white iMac and it wouldn't recognise it. I had to partition it.

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Would you mind giving me the steps you took when you installed the hard drive for the first time? I so appreciate your response, but I am confused because my understanding is that you can only partition a drive that the computer recognizes. SO: can you tell me what exactly do you mean by "it wouldn't recognise it"? Lastly what OS did you have on your iMac ? Thank you so much-- I can't believe that the 1 TB HD I ordered just arrived here-- EEEK.

by Caroline Lovelace

Newer versions of Mac OS-X should no need to be partitioned if you are using OS-X extended journaled format due to the HD's size. But, I still would partition it though. There are many reasons in doing this like isolating out the apps from your data across the different partitions makes backing up easier and quicker. As the OS boot partition also get fraged over time it's quicker to defrag a smaller partition boot partition. If your creating movies having a work partition makes editing easier and gives you better output (cleaning out the partition after each project). Just to name a few reasons, my 2T HD is split into three partitions.

by Dan

Use Apples supplied 'Disk Utility' app located in the utility folder in the apps folder to partition and format your new HD. I would recommend getting an external FireWire 800 case to install your new drive into first to setup, install a fresh copy of the must current Mac OS, and copy over your files to before exchanging out your current HD in your system.

by Dan

Sorry, I can't remember exactly.

I think I copied the contents of my hard drive onto the new bigger one while it was connected in an external hard drive enclosure, then I swapped the hard drives over.

This is where is gets fuzzy: I think I then noticed that not all the 1TB was available so after a bit of research I reformatted the drive into 2 partitions and now I have 1TB in 2 parts. Having said that the iMac has been a bit slow since so I'm not sure how much it likes it (that could be something else though and I don't really have time to go chasing it).

Good luck

by Andrew Bucknill

I just put a 2TB in this problems!

by Brad L

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