New replacement battery for MacBook Pro not recognised

I replaced my Macbook's battery (after following the guide from iFixit) and the computer did not recognise it.

The only way for me to turn it on was to plug in the MagSafe connecter (which only showed the green light).

I then asumed it was a problem with the replacement battery (from eBay) and put back the original battery.

For some strange reason, the original battery wasn't recognised either!

I've reset the PRAM and SMC, but still to no avail!

I would greatly appreciate your help!

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I'd reset the System Management Controller (SMC):

this resets all the power setting.

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New batteries need to be charged before use. New batteries are known to fail straight out of the box on occasion (especially cheap Chinese ones) . Contact your vendor about the battery. In the mean time try removing all power (main and battery) for a full 24 hours before reconnecting any power might solve your problem. Start by connecting the battery but not powering up. You do not need to completely button down the top case, but put a few screws in tight enough that the ribbon cable will stay connected. Attach the main and see if you get a red (charging) light. Let the battery completely charge before attempting to boot.

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Hi, Thanks for your response. I have followed your steps, but when I put back the power cord, and waited for a little while, the light was still green. Is there anything else I could do?

by KN95

With which battery? Yours or the new one. Try disconnecting the battery and letting the system sit 24hrs without any power at all. Then put back the battery (new one). If the charger LED stays green it sounds like you have a logic board problem that needs to be fixed as well. Did you use ESD protection when you opened the system?

by Dan

I did the steps, precisely as they are written above. I then installed the NEW battery, and the light on the connector was still green. Should I remove the battery and leave the computer without any power for 24 hours, then install the OLD battery and see what happens? If there is a problem with the logic board, can that be easily fixed? Also, could you explain what ESD protection is? Thank you very much for your help!

by KN95

How do I protect against this when installing the battery?

by KN95

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It being Winter time many peoples homes don't have enough moisture in the air to dampen down the static charge you get from walking around a carpeted floor or even your legs and arms rubbing in your clothes. Even in the summer when you have A/C running you can have a static problem.

So during the winter months (or anywhere were its dry) you must control static by using proper ESD practices. Use anti-static mat which is grounded correctly to work on your gear and wearing a anti-static wrist strap that is connected to the mat so everything is fully discharged static-wise.

The other concern here is using the correct tools when working on powered equipment and removing battery packs. You need to use non-conductive pry tools (as an example) when disconnecting the battery power leads and using great caution with your screwdriver when removing screws internally when the battery is connected. If don't you could damage something.

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Having the same problem. happened after installing new ram, that worked fine, downgraded the ram again did`t change, bought new battery (tested the battery it works fine in other macbook). Tried everything possible. reseted it 500 times.... Cant`t reinstall the latest smc firmware, because already correctly installed. Can`t downgrade to former firmware. There`s no firmware restoration cd for mac book pro 8.1, the cd that came with the comp (old soft) does`t appear do nothing for that.

What else can I do?

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