MacBook Pro will not start up

A friend brought me his 15" MBP (2007 Core 2 Duo 2.2 ghz, i think) saying when he tried to turn it on one morning it did nothing. He had no problems before. We looked it over and saw that the power button was collapsed slightly. He has kids that like to stress test everything, so we thought one of them had mashed it too hard and damaged the button.

I ordered and replaced the top case because it includes the power button. However, after replacing it the MBP still does not boot up. Same symptoms. No noises, no lights...nothing happens when the power button is pushed.

I tried resetting the PMC (?) by holding down the control, option and command keys then holding down the power button for over 10 seconds. Nothing.

I did not remove the memory when I replaced the top case so I do not believe this is the problem (some other posts suggested re-seating the memory modules).

The replacement went smoothly except for re-inserting the keyboard ribbon into its slot. The ribbon was too flimsy to slide in by hand. Using a magnifying glass to align the ribbon with the slot, I used a spudger to gently inert it in the slot. It was hard to tell if it seated very deeply, but the ribbon held fast against a little tug, so I believe it was seated properly.

After the replacement, I plugged a magsafe charger into the port and the green light came on. The battery lights indicated only a 2 or 3 dot charge, but the orange light did not come on to indicate charging. I let it "charge" overnight and the next morning there was no change to the batter status lights, or the charging light. I did not check this before making the replacement, so I do not know if this condition existed prior to top case replacement.

Questions. (1) Is there a known problem with boot failure after installing the top case in this model? (2) If the boot failure is not based in the power button / top case, what else can I check?

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If still nothing happen with power pads then,

REmove the charger from the laptop,

Remove the TOPCASE from the laptop, then you will the logic board and little big jack on the left side of the laptop downside of the left fan remove the from the logic board and put it again back properly . then put the charger in see laptop starts charging again or not , if still nothing then with charger inside remove the jack and then you will see no light in the charger after putting back then you will see light comes back in the charger and try to power on .

MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Left I/O Board Replacement

see the step 13 int he guide .

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Thanks for your suggestion. However, the MBP is now working. Still not sure why. I removed the top case again, found the jumper pads, reinstalled the battery, and attached the charger. When I attached the charger, the computer booted up (without the top case attached)! I plugged the keyboard into the logic board and the trackpad worked but only a few of the keys on the right side worked. I shut down the computer using the trackpad and reinstalled the keyboard ribbon cable. This time, I figured out how to unlock the socket and could fully seat the ribbon cable. I reattached the top case and now it works. i'm so glad it was not something worse.

Thanks again for the suggestions!


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Maybe the kids did more than mash that button. If they did that might be a cause for the charging issue. Of course you looked over the inside before reassembly for other loose/damaged parts.

You should get beeps or lights if the RAM is not seated.

Try using the jumper pads to see if that will start the machine. If they don't you have more problems than a damaged ribbon cable.

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Ok. I will try out the jumper pads when I get home. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll update you later.


Accepted. The MBP works now after I reopened it and reinstalled the keyboard ribbon cable. Not sure if that was the problem, but I'm glad it works again. See my comment to SIMRAN below.

Thanks again.


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