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  • Apple hardware test Failure code...

    After running a aht it gives an error : 4SNS/1/40000001: VP0R-0.000 what is the exact problem in this logic board. System is ...
  • Caller name not showing ...

    i m using a iphone 4S from sprint. i m using a Gevey card. this phone is not showing any caller name during incoming call or ...
  • Sometimes it starts Charging...

    Having a problem with this machine. It sometimes starts charging up but most of the times not. Most if the times laptop doesn...
  • Getting too hot after sim card insert

    iphone4s 32gb white . it getting too hot when i put the sim card insert . it only remain in searching mode and battery is dra...
  • Power Button Resets the whole machine.

    i received a Macbook pro Mid 2010 2.66 ghz core i7. It was liquid damage. I change the Keyboard but the problem is same. logi...
  • No imei, bluetooth, wifi. :(

    Today i bought a iPhone 3gs 16gb black. its never been opened before. i opened up to see any damage . i changed 3 batteries b...
  • Digitizer not functioning well.

    iphone4 16gb stop responding to touch after talked on the phone. it was working well before i listened to call for near about...
  • iTunes giving error 28

    i have a iphone4 black 32 gb . it fully cracked from screen side. but i can receive calls but cannot see anything on the scre...
  • iPhone4S cdma + Gsm (sprint?

    Iphone4S sprint model has a sim tray. Can i use the gsm sim card on this ? Without sim it shows searching then no service. Wh...
  • Can We Change the Lcd only?

    Hello my macbook air got liquid damage at display . it shows sign in display. Can i change the lcd part only . case is like u...


  • Answer to: Number Keys None Responsive.

    Hello, Had you try with external KeyBoard. if not then try with external keyboard. This may be a Operating System issue or malfunction of hardware. Backup your Important data first restore the Operating System. Try to restore the Operating system. If problem solved then bud otherwise have to replace the Keyboard Panel. You can buy from here (ifixit) or from Apple or from Market also. Decision is yours.
  • Answer to: How to unlock iPad when its linked with an apple account?

    Hello, Please try to activate the iPad . If iPad shows this device is linked with ( then it can be removed easily. if shows this device has been lost or stolen then cannot do anything. Normal Process: Requirement is the POP(Invoice of the device). If you have the bill of this device. Just call AppleCare they will assist you better. They will remove this within 3 days. Only if device not been stolen or lost. AppleCare need only device bill and tell them you are unable to activate the iPad. Thanks
  • Answer to: Where is the bluetooth hardware located

    Bluetooth and Wifi module is located in right side of screen panel inside Clutch Cover. Slide the clutch cover and remove the cable of camera /Wifi/Bluetooth and put back properly . Check on the logic board also.
  • Answer to: MacBook 15 early 2011 Magsafe port replacement / Blackscreen

    You have to check the damage near to Display Jack on the Logic Board . Post the Snaps of Area near by jack of Display . if everything looks fine . Try to reinstall the logic board. Check it other wise have to check with new display panel. If display comes with new display panel then fine. After this we have to replace the logic board or repair it.
  • Answer to: The display back light doesn't work all the time when logging in?

    This is problem of 3 parts : Lcd itself, LVDS Cable , Inverter Board . First try with display brightness by pressing F1 or F2 . First Lower the brightness by F1 then press F2 one time only. If light Blink then its a problem of Lcd or Inverter Board . Second: Try to move the Display lid up and Down if light comes at certain angle then it looks like problem of Display cable . Try these steps if Symptom is one of these then buy that part .
  • Answer to: Is it possible to change the video mic to the bottom?

    No you just have to change the upper mic for the Call in loudspeaker mode and for video recording .. you have replace the headphone jack : iPhone 4S Silent Switch Replacement
  • Answer to: System crashes constantly. New ram and hdd didn't fix

    This is a problem of Logic board . In this Logic board nvidia stopped working due to this system crashing again and again even reinstall the OS X. Visit the apple service centre for the replacement of the Logic Board . They will provide you a free replacement if Nvidia fails. After replacement you will get the 90 Days service Warranty of Logic Board only. They will run the VST test on this MacBook . 99.9% this is problem of Nvidia. If tech said this is not a problem of nvidia tell them to run the VST test. VST test is only support MacBook Pro 15inch MID 2010. Good Luck Check this Article:
  • Answer to: replace SSD 15" in retina MBP with Samsung 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD512

    You cannot put this in your MacBook Pro . This Samsung SSD is for normal Laptop . Retina parts are totally different . CHeck out the SSD in your MacBook Pro Retina last step 6: MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2012 SSD Replacement you have to go to apple for SSD upgrade . Apple SSD upgrade is too much costly. that will cost around new Retina laptop.
  • Answer to: Mac doesn't boot from internal HDD but does from USB plug?

    If you want to check which part is exactly not working. you can boot with MAC OSX dvd or any windows DVD or CD. Check hard drive is preset or not . if after booting drives are visible then it means Operating system is actually a corrupted. if drives are not there then HDD or HDD cable or logic board is faulty. First change the drive and check. Change the HDD cable. if donot have cable try this hard drive on external casing. after changing the cable also not working then loGic board need repair to need to change . Check the liquid spillage near the HDD cable jack on Logic board. Clean it properly . then try to boot. thnx
  • Answer to: Can we upgrade the memory of the iPhone?

    There is no way to add the memory or Increasing the RAM in your iPhone . you have to sell this and buy the new one with high capacity.