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Community Contests

Think you have what it takes? Help fix the world and earn awesome prizes while you do it.

Current Contests

iFixit Alumni Exclusive: Featured Repair Tips

Did you participate in one of our amazing EDU programs? We’re collecting repair tips to share with the world. If yours is picked to be featured, we’ll send you some great prizes.

Repair Hero of the Year

Help keep as many items out of the landfill and put them back into use. Take the Repair Pledge and enter to win a Pro Tech Toolkit. There will be 13 individual categories so plan your repair year wisely!

One thing to note:

While we would love to be able to send prizes to all parts of the planet, shipping restrictions prevent us from delivering to places unsupported by our US and EU warehouses.

But, don’t be afraid to send in your entry anyway. We’re more than happy to give you a shout out—bragging rights aren’t a cool toolkit, but they’ll help you promote your fixing super powers and connect you with the global repair community.

Closed Contests

These contests are now closed. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Translation Challenge

We called our linguists to translate guides or wikis for their fellow community members. In the end, we selected 6 winners! These awesome translators were given up to $75 of store credit and we were so excited about all the entries, that we started planting the iFixit forest on Tree-Nation.


Fixers were invited to answer as many unanswered questions as possible to win an Essential Electronics Toolkit or a Minnow Driver Kit. We had an unprecedented amount of entries and—with some difficulty—declared 8 fixers the winners.

Show and Tell

Repairers were offered a chance to update their profiles to win a Manta Driver Kit. People from all over the world told their stories and 25 of those people were chosen.

Repair-O’-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Contest!

This surprise contest popped up and was done (with prizes sent out) within two weeks! Keep an eye out for surprise speed run challenges!

Want to read about all of our contests from years past? Click here to dive in!