Update Your Profile for a Chance to Win a Manta Driver Kit

iFixit Show and Tell Contest

Calling all community members! We’d like to know more about our favorite people—you! Remember when we were kids and we got to brag about our rock collections, or talk for an hour about salamanders? We want to bring that childlike passion to the community, so gather your quirks and hobbies and get ready to share! 

And to make it worth your while, we’re offering a chance to win an iFixit bundle—a Manta Driver Kit and some sweet iFixit swag. 

We want to hear all about your fixes, skills, and expertise—but most importantly, why you care about repair.

Best place to brag about yourself? Right here on iFixit! Head over to your profile page (by hovering over your avatar on the top right corner of the site) and click on “View Profile.” You can also head to ifixit.com/user (it’s faster). 

(This is the button you’re looking for.)

From your profile, click on the “Edit” button above your profile pic. Once there, you’ll see a quick snapshot of your profile preferences. You may be tempted to tell us about yourself in the “Summary” box—but, pump the brakes! The summary is better suited for a few short lines about your years of microsoldering experience or your favorite type of cheese. Think of it as the “TL;DR Elevator Pitch” box.

The big picture details go in the “About Me” tab. There, you’ll see the vast expanse of the text editor—now let loose! Add some fun and interesting details about yourself, and while you’re at it, consider adding an image. You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words, so feel free to give us a snapshot of who you are, or get creative with (now officially supported!) emoji. 🔧🔨 

  • Your repair history—most difficult fix, repair related education, favorite iFixit guide (embed a link and share it!), something you’ve always wanted to get your hands on, or share a story about that time you met a repair hero.
  • What makes you, you—share projects or accomplishments you’re particularly proud of, or tell us about any clubs or organizations you enjoy.
  • What about the non-repair parts of you? Tell us about your other hobbies, or your pets, or introduce us to your favorite food—anything to show who you are outside of the fixing community.

Still searching for inspiration? Peruse some excellent profiles: Technical Writer Team Lead Arthur, Guide Community Manager Kris, Japanese Translator Midori, Moderator Dan, and EDU Alumni Betsabe.

Tell us—and the rest of the community—about anything that lights your spark. We want to know what makes you such an important part of the repair community—because you are! As a bonus, you might just get some really nice tools and swag—plus the opportunity to showcase yourself to the iFixit community and throughout social media! Use #iFixitShowAndTell when linking to your profile page on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

When you’re satisfied with your bio, let us know you’ve polished your profile for the contest. You can comment directly on this blog post so our team knows to get reading! 

The deadline to submit your profile will be on September 18th, 2022 at midnight PST. 

We will be picking out the top five most impressive profile pages every 2 weeks until then—that’s 30 winners! The winning profiles will be chosen based on effort, creativity, wow factor, and general gumption.

Note: While we would love to be able to send prizes to every corner of the planet, shipping restrictions prevent us from delivering to places unsupported by our US and EU warehouses. But don’t be afraid to send your profile our way, we’re more than happy to give you a shout out—bragging rights aren’t a cool toolkit, but they’ll help you promote your fixing super powers and connect you with the global repair community. 

Happy Writing!