Community Spotlight: Some Highlights From Our First Show and Tell Contest

Community Spotlight: Some Highlights From Our First Show and Tell Contest

We called—and you answered! Just before summer hit, we asked you to update your iFixit user profile to tell us a little bit about who you are. Profiles submitted to our inaugural Show and Tell Contest were also entered for a chance to win an iFixit bundle—a Manta Driver Kit and some sweet iFixit swag.

The turnout was more than we could have hoped for. Reading all of your profiles, we learned all about your favorite fixes, impressive skills, and reasons for caring about repair. 

You’ve given the community a wonderful snapshot of who you are. 

We all come from different parts of the world, but our desire to fix brings us (and keeps us) together. 

Thank you for letting the community get to know you a little bit better!

With all of that out of the way, we want to showcase some of our winners. By the way, you don’t need a contest to get to know each other better. After reading all the awesome entries out there, we highly encourage you to click on the profiles of fixers you see around here: you’ll be surprised at how much we have in common. 

Consider this blog post a spotlight of all the top profiles that won—a way of highlighting our global presence in repair and the individual effort that each and every one of us brings to the repair movement in our respective regions. 

These are in no particular order—whether listed first or last, you’re all incredible voices for the right to repair.

Nick’s avatar

Nick, United States of America

Nick has been on iFixit since 2009 and has amassed quite a bit of reputation by helping his fellow fixers repair their stuff. His responses are always thorough and well-researched, and he always makes the time to come back and update his existing content with the most current information. His contributions go above and beyond simply answering a question or creating a guide. Nick’s work shows his commitment to teaching others how to become confident and self-reliant in their fixing abilities. 

HelloMacOS’s avatar

HelloMacOS, Scotland, United Kingdom

HelloMacOS is the NKOTB around, but we can tell that they have been fixing for a lot longer than that. What started out as a challenge from family and friends to fix a destroyed iPodTouch turned into a serious passion for engineering and keeping e-waste out of landfills. HelloMacOS has since worked on Beats Headphones, Dyson Vacuums, GoPro cameras, and much more. They tackle repairs with surgical precision, paying close attention to every single component to bring whatever they’re working on back to life. 

c2ic’s avatar

c2ic, France

c2ic is a big fan of our tools, in fact, they discovered iFixit in the late aughts when their company Cyberfreacks needed specialized tools for their repairs. Since then, they have generated a collection of iFixit screwdrivers and other tools that date back to some of our earliest iterations. c2ic’s love for our tools has allowed them to share their repairs with the wider world while supporting the right to repair movement.

Amaury’s avatar

Amaury Leonel, Mexico

Amaury is super humble about their repair knowledge. Growing up, they learned about electronics by watching their dad tinker with household appliances, by taking them apart and repurposing them into other (much needed) things. This sparked repair curiosity, and when their Sony Xperia broke, Amaury ran to the nearest tool store to buy the cheapest tools they could find to crack open the device to see how it worked. Learning to fix has sparked an interest in Mechatronics, which they hope to one day study.

Fred’s Avatar

Fred, Germany  

Fred’s childhood passion for figuring out how things work has manifested itself in a career working with an NGO. As an IT specialist working in social work, Fred believes in the power of repair. In their position, Fred is no stranger to older hardware in need of servicing. Their repair efforts are both to save the department some money (on the high costs of updating technology) and to keep the planet alive just a bit longer. 

BabblingFishes’ avatar

BabblingFishes, United States of America

BabblingFishes is not a professional mechanical engineer, but they can get repair professionals to “Ooh” and “Ahh” at their handiwork. They are an EDU project alum and consider their inner repair mad scientist the inspiration for the repair work they do. Mostly a fiction writer, BabblingFishes still comes to the rescue when their Nintendo 3DS XL is broken or they need a good laugh by overengineering a repair with massive amounts of duct tape.

As you can see, there are a wide range of fixers in our community, some who fix all the time, and some who fix some of the time. You don’t have to be fixing all day, every day to make a difference; even if you fix occasionally you are still helping others and the environment. 

So take a look around you—we all have something that we wished still worked. Go grab it. If you don’t know much about it, head to our Answers Forum and ask the community for help. And if you already know everything about your device, then write a guide for the repair—trust us, there’s absolutely someone out there in need of guidance for the same product.

Thank you so much to all who participated this year. This contest is now closed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fill out your profile.

On the Internet, it’s always good to put a name to a face, and even if you don’t share an actual picture of your mug, you can still share things about yourself that give us an idea about who you are. If you run a repair business, guess what? You can advertise that on your profile page. Are you a beginner who is just getting started? You can say that too. 

Your “About Me” is the place for the community to get to know you better inside and outside of the repair world. So, don’t be shy—if there’s something you want the community to know, share away!

Plus, it’ll give you a head start if we run this contest again. Keep an eye out on our socials and on the website for future opportunities.