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Motorola Repair Hub

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Broken phone? We’ve got the fix.

iFixit brings together manufacturers and the repair community to provide thousands of solutions for Motorola phones.

Official Motorola Repair Solutions

Motorola Device Family

Quality Devices,
Quality Tools

We don’t just want your phone to last—we want the tools in your repair arsenal to last, too. Buy with confidence knowing that you’re using Official Motorola parts and iFixit tools come backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Get the fix for your device

When your phone or tablet breaks, finding a fix can be tough. Now you’ve got options: Schedule a repair appointment with Motorola or fix it yourself with Official Motorola parts and premium iFixit tools. 

The ultimate solution for your broken device

Get Official Motorola parts and the iFixit tools, all in one kit.

You can fix it. We show you how.

With over a thousand step-by-step repair guides for Motorola devices, you can see exactly what you’re getting into before you start your repair.

Everyday Changes,
Meaningful Impact

Extending the life of your device helps you live in a more sustainable way, but most manufacturers don’t want you to fix your stuff. Not Motorola, they’ve been building repairable phones since 1928 — that’s why they’ve chosen us to be their repair ally.

Need More Support?

For repair tips, visit our Answers Forum, home to the world’s largest repair community.

For mail-in repairs and general product information, you can contact Motorola directly.