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Lenovo Edge Thinkpad E431 Troubleshooting

This page will help diagnose specific problems with a Lenovo Edge Thinkpad E431.

The display on the E431 is powered on, but the screen is completely black, fluttering screen, or cracked screen

This may occur when the software of the computer is updated which will lead to over heating of the RAM. The graphic card’s fan may be experiencing thermal strain which requires to be removed for a two minutes and the put back. The user may consider the reseating the RAM.

If the user's computer screen starts to flash upon start up, then this illustrates that the screen has been tampered with. It is most likely that the LCD of the screen has internal damages which does not allow it to display information on the computer properly. The user may consider the following guide.

If the device is running extremely slow, or there are many “Page Unresponsive” or “Not Enough Storage Available” errors are occuring, it is likely the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) needs to be upgraded.

The user is receiving this error because their HDD is full or running low on storage space.

An upgrade to an HDD with more gigabytes will resolve this error. To upgrade the current HDD, it needs to be replaced with a new HDD.

Another way to resolve this error, is to back up the current HDD to a new one without replacing it. Users can use a Flash Drive, SD Card, or any kind of storage device to back up the current data too.

If the user has run a disk check on their hard drive and has received a "corrupted file/sector" error, it means their current HDD has lost data in a specific sector of the disk.

This sector of the HDD is no longer useable and the user has lost however much storage space the sector provided.

It is suggested that the user invest in replacing their HDD because soon other sectors of the disk will become obsolete. The user may consider following this HDD replacement [invalid guide link].

Cooling Fans may get dirty overtime causing noise and overheating the Laptop.

If the device is on and suddenly gets hot, there may be an issue with the cooling fan. The issue could be due to a dirty. A simple fix to this solution would be to remove the panel on the back and clean the fan with the duster.

If the fan is malfunctioning, it is suggested that the user replace the entire cooling fan with a functioning one. To replace the cooling fan, the user may consider following this guide.

Cooling fans are a very important hardware on a laptop, cooling fans can make noise due to a broken blade causing it to create a loud noise when the computer is running. If this is the case, then you need to replace the cooling fan immediately . The user may consider following guide.

Two very common issues pertaining to the laptop slowing down involve the system running background memory intensive tasks as well as receiving frequent memory errors.

Check the Task Manager by using ctrl+alt+delete and make sure no unnecessary programs or processes are running in the background. If there are none, then the applications being used on the computer do not comply with its specifications. Press the Windows button and go to Settings and then go to About. This will show the laptops specifications; make sure they are within the recommended specs for the program being used.

If the device is having trouble running multiple programs at once, upgrading the RAM is a common fix. The RAM is contained in the Memory Module inside of the laptop. The user may replace the Memory Module by following this guide .

Some issues pertaining to this battery can be when the device forgets the time after restarting as well as the system crashing and showing "CMOS Checksum Error."

If the clock/date and time settings are incorrect after turning on the device, the internal CMOS battery may be the issue. The battery can easily be replaced by following this guide.

When The laptop boots up and flashes the BIOS, a CMOS checksum error may occur. This may be a sign that the CMOS battery is failing. Follow this guide to replace it.

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