Lenovo Edge Thinkpad E431 Troubleshooting

This page will help you diagnose specific problems with a Lenovo Edge Thinkpad E431. Although recently released by Lenovo in 2013, please note that this version has been discontinued.

When to Replace the Display ¶ 

The display is one of the most common issues Lenovo users experience. There are many issues that contribute to these errors that can be easily resolved, however some issues call for total replacement

Device is Powered on, but Screen is Completely Black

If the user’s computer screen not display, it is due to the graphics card that is built into the computer. This may occur when the software of the computer is updated which will lead to over heating of the graphics card, as the fan cannot decrease the thermal strain that is being caused on it. The user may consider the following restart guide.

Screen Flickering

If the user's computer screen starts to flash really fast with the LCD of the screen not displaying the proper display then this issue would be regarding the windows 10 update. Many users may find this a default in the chip in the computer, but it is recommended to reset the entire graphics card inside the computer that will help reduce the load with the new update. The user may consider the following guide.

When to Replace the Hard Drive Disk (HDD) ¶ 

There are several reasons replacing a hard disk drive may be necessary. There are many opinions on what to do with your device when deciding to replace the HDD, as well.

Running Out of Storage Space

If the computer is more than 5 years old and was used to save every photo, every video, every memory, the user may be due for a back up or a completely new HDD. While it is recommended that the computer is backed up every few months, eventually the user will run out of disk storage. Perhaps, an upgrade to a larger HDD may be more beneficial. Consider following this HDD replacement guide.

HDD Errors/Corrupted Sectors Found

If the user has run a disk check on their hard drive (which is something that should be done every few months) and has received a "corrupted file/sector" error, it is professionally suggested that they invest in replacing their HDD. Most consumers will consider repairing a corrupted drive to prevent a replacement, but if the HDD is beginning to show "wear and tear", it is a sign that a replacement will be necessary regardless. The user may consider following this HDD replacement guide.

When to Replace the Keyboard ¶ 

Keyboards have a tendency to malfunction every once in a while and there are many indicators that will occur to notify the user when it is time to replace the keyboard.

Wrong letter is being display after pressing a key

If the keyboard is not working, make sure it is the keyboard that is bad. For example, getting an error on the laptop screen every time a key is used, it is possible that the motherboard is causing the issue, since the keyboard lies above it. The keyboard is malfunctioning when key "S" is pressed, but the "D" key is registered. User may consider following this keyboard replacement guide.

Failure or unresponsive keyboards

If the user is typing on the keyboard and none of the keys are working or maybe the keys are typing but not all of the letters are registering, try cleaning the keyboard with an aerosol duster spray to make sure there is no debris under the keys. If this fails and the keys are still unresponsive, then the user may have a faulty keyboard that needs to be replace. The user may consider following this Keyboard replacement guide.

When to Replace the Cooling Fan ¶ 

A noisy fan and overheating are common signs of a bad cooling fan that needs to be replaced.

Overheating in Short Amount of Run Time

If you are working on your laptop and all the sudden is getting hot very quickly, it may be an issue with your cooling fan and this is something that need to be taking care of very quickly since the fan is use to cool down the CPU and graphics card. The user may consider following this Cooling Fan replacement guide.

Noisy Cooling Fan

Cooling fans are a very important hardware on a laptop, but sometimes they get dirty over time causing it to make loud noises and a simple cleaning may do the trick of fixing it but if one on the fan blades if broken it causes the fan to make a loud noise when the computer is running. If this is the case, then you need to replace the cooling fan immediately before it causes any more damages to your laptop. The user may consider following this Cooling Fan replacement guide.

When to Replace or Upgrade Memory Module (RAM) ¶ 

The Memory Module is the piece of hardware that contains the working memory, or RAM. Two very common issues pertaining to the Memory Module involve the system crashing while performing memory intensive tasks as well as frequent memory errors popping up.

Crashes While Performing Intensive Tasks

If the device crashes while running multiple programs, it is likely that there is a problem with the Memory Module. Either the RAM has been corrupted or there is an insufficient amount of RAM installed on the system. To replace the Memory Module, follow this guide.

Frequent Memory Errors

If the device fails to load the operating system Windows and the Lenovo diagnostic service shows a memory error, it may be time to replace the memory module (RAM) in the system. What this mean is that the RAM is experiencing difficulties, which could be due to number of things, and should be repaired or replaced. The user may replace the Memory Module by following this guide .

When to Replace Internal Lithium Battery ¶ 

The Internal Lithium Battery inside a laptop keeps the time and date while the laptop is powered off. Some issues pertaining to this battery can be when the device forgets the time after restarting as well as the system crashing and showing "CMOS Checksum Error."

Device Forgets Time After Turning On

If the clock/date and time settings are incorrect after turning on the device, the internal CMOS battery may be the issue. This small battery works much like a watch battery, keeping the date and time while the computer is shut off. The battery can easily be replaced by following this guide.

CMOS Checksum Error

This error is received when the BIOS configuration settings are lost after the BIOS was flashed. This may be a sign that the CMOS battery is failing, if so follow this guide to replace it. To clear the error and replace BIOS settings, follow this guide.


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