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iRobot Roomba 770 Troubleshooting

Handle is Broken ¶ 

The handle is noticeably cracked or broken

Damaged Handle ¶ 

A handle replacement will be needed. Remove the faceplate and the lower section below the keypad. Using an adequate amount of force, pop the broken handle off and insert the replacement handle. No screws will be needed. The replacement should snap on and off relatively easily.

Brush Won't Spin ¶ 

Side brush is not spinning or is spinning backwards.

Obstruction Surrounding the Brush ¶ 

Check to make sure that there isn’t any hair or debris lodged around the brush that may be preventing the brush from spinning. To do this, remove the dust pan and turn the roomba on its back. Next, remove and clean the brush and as well as any debris remaining on the roomba itself. An internal clean to the gears may be necessary to remove all the debris. Please refer to the guide for a detailed explanation on how to safely do so.

Motor Drive Shaft Incorrectly Inserted Into Gearbox ¶ 

Check to make sure the motor drive shaft is correctly inserted into the gearbox. The gearbox is the motor that turns the brush. The brush cannot turn if the drive shaft that is connected to it is loose or not inserted into the gearbox.

Faulty Deck Height Control Cable ¶ 

The roomba is designed to raise itself when encountering resistance in order to allow the roomba to transfer between surfaces of various heights. If the roomba was recently cleared of debris, the deck height control cable may have been positioned differently when reassembled. The cable may need to be returned to its original position.

Dead Motor ¶ 

To assess if the motor is dead and in need of replacement, a built in test may be performed. If replacement is needed, please refer to the guide for detailed steps to do so.

Side Wheel Won't Spin ¶ 

An error has been received stating that the side wheel cannot spin.

Roomba is Stuck ¶ 

The roomba may have ran into an obstacle or surface it is unable to move through, around, or over. Pick up the roomba and place it on an acceptable surface to continue its cleaning. A virtual wall may be created to keep the roomba from returning to places it frequently gets stuck.

Obstruction ¶ 

An obstruction surrounding the wheel may be causing it to not spin. Check the wheel to ensure it is free of all debris. An internal clean to the gears may be necessary to remove all the debris. Please refer to the guide for detailed explanations on how to safely do so.

Roomba Won't Turn On ¶ 

Roomba does not respond nor show any sign of starting up.

Battery Tab is Still On ¶ 

Check to see if the yellow or green tab underneath the roomba is still there. The battery is not connected to the roomba if the tab is still there. Remove the tab if that is the issue.

Faulty Charging Base ¶ 

If the Roomba does not turn on, the issue may be that it is not charging properly. Make sure that the outlet the charging base is plugged into is functioning. If the roomba still won’t charge and the charging base LED does not turn green, the issue may be your charging base.

Battery is Damaged ¶ 

If the charging base is not the problem, the battery may need to be replaced. This guide will show you how to replace the battery.

Roomba is Doing the “Circle Dance” ¶ 

Roomba will spin around, but will not go anywhere.

Dirty Cliff Sensors ¶ 

Take a clean, dry cloth and wipe down the cliff sensors around the underside of the robot.

Dirty Bumper Sensors ¶ 

Check for debris between the bumper and the sensor. Try tapping on the bumper to knock out any debris. If this does not work, you can direct pressurized air into the gap between the bumper and the sensor.


My iRobot Roomba 700 Series Aerovac 2 bin has trouble after clean it. The sound like drilling sound, very noise.

Tan - Reply

My roomba 770 charges and turns green but when you press clean it turns red and says please charge roomba

Jim Conner - Reply

My side brush won't stay screwed on! Help!

Valarie McGinnis - Reply

The dirt compartment keeps opening during cleaning

Susan - Reply

My roomba does not charge anymore and makes a clicking sound: See for the symptoms. Any ideas how to fix this?

Markus Fehr - Reply

My roomba turns on and everything looks normal but when I press the “clean" button I receive a single beep tone and nothing happens. I've done a restart, taken every component apart and cleaned and nothing has resolved the problem.

Brandon Gross - Reply

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