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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

VTech CS6719-16 Troubleshooting

Released January 2013, identified by model number CS6719-16

Can’t hear the sound coming out of the phone

There is no noise coming from the speaker when there should be.

Can not adjust volume

You can adjust the ringer volume or turn the ringer off on each handset. To adjust volume you can press MENU and then use the up or down arrows until you find the RINGER setting and then press SELECT. The ringer setting displays RINGER VOLUME and then press SELECT again. Use up or down arrows to choose the setting. Finally click SELECT again to finalize volume.

Speaker Disconnected

This may be due to the poorly connected wires within the phone or handset. To fix this you must open up the phone with proper tools and check if wires are connected properly using this guide. Another reason may be due to weak electricity from home. Make sure plugs and energy are properly connected.

Out of Range

The range for the phone to still be working is approximately 70 feet. If the phone is not picking up signal then it may be out of range. This may due to objects in the way such as walls, metal, a television, and other electrical devices. In order to get connection back, check that the main power connections are on. It may be also due to batteries so new batteries are an idea. If both are not the reasons, then bring the phone back to the the handset and turn off the handset for a few seconds, turn it back on and this should solve the problem.

No Dial Tone

If you can not hear the dial tone after turning the device on, this could mean that the telephone line cord may not be hooked up correctly or at all. In order to check, look at the back of the home stand and make sure the cord line is hooked up. If it is hooked up and there is still no dial tone, this could also mean that you may not have cable or a new telephone cord is needed.

Can't See What is on Phone Screen

The phone is making noise but you cannot see what the screen is trying to say.

Screen light not working

Make sure to check if the correct power supply is hooked up into the wall that came with the phone. If there are still problems, try this repair guide.

Difficulty Pressing Buttons / Stuck

Whenever you try to enter a phone number the buttons get stuck.

Build up of residues

Residue buildup between and under buttons from food or drink. If residue buildup is minimal, use a small cotton swab lightly dipped in alcohol and water solution and swab around affected areas. For more major buildup see buttons replacement guide to solve this issue as the case will need to be removed to get a deeper cleaning.

Stuck inside of case

Often caused from forceful pushes, to fix this please see the disassembly guide as removing the case will be required to reset the buttons position in line with the case.

Phone not turning on

You try to push the power button but nothing happens.

Might not be a battery in the phone

Open the battery cover on the back of the phone and insert the battery pack after plugging it in through the connector. The battery may be loose or unaligned, to fix this open the battery cover and adjust the battery using this guide.

There is no charge in the phone

Put the phone onto the charging station and wait until there is enough charge to turn on.

Needs new battery

If you have had the phone on charging station for a while and the phone still isn't turning on then you will need to locate another battery and install it into the phone using this guide.

Charging dock not supplying charge

The phone has been on the dock all night but has no charge.

Charging station is not plugged into the wall

Locate the other end of the charging station and plug it into a working socket.

Connection from dock to phone not connected

If the phone is placed on the charging dock but not receiving a charge then the pins on the dock might not be aligned with the pins on the dock. Lift up the phone and carefully place the phone back onto the dock making sure to align the pins on the bottom of the phone with the pins on the dock.


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