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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Troubleshooting

An over-the-ear headset released in March 2016.

You have trouble communicating with other players through the microphone.

You may have accidentally muted the microphone by pressing the mute button. This will cause both the headset and mic input to be muted. Click the mute button located on the Tactical Audio Controller (TAC). It should make a sound that signifies that the headset and mic have been un-muted.

Make sure that the 1.3 m audio cable is properly connected to the short cable that hangs from the left ear cup of the headset. The orange stripes on the audio cable should line up with the slots.

Double check to make sure that the microphone boom is completely connected to the jack. The microphone boom should have the ability to rotate freely. If it's not rotating freely, then try disconnecting and reconnecting the microphone boom.

Be sure that the settings for your console membership (Xbox 1, PS4,PC) allow you to communicate with other players. Your membership may have expired or your settings may have been set to strict, resulting in you not being able to communicate with other players.

Check to make sure that the headphones are connected to the console properly. Also check your network connection to make sure that the console and the headphones are connected to the internet.

If the troubleshoots do not fix the faulty microphone, then you may need to replace the microphone. The replacement microphone can be bought at The Turtle Beach Shop.

You can't hear anything through the speaker

Check to see if the volume adjuster is on the lowest setting. Also, enter the settings of your device to ensure that the volume control is also not on its lowest setting.

If there is a buildup of dirt or dust either on the speakers, jack, or jack port, this can cause the speakers to stop working. You must clean the jack and/or jack port with a cotton swab or air duster. Here are instructions on how to remove the ear cushions and clean the speaker.

The twisting and wrapping of the headset cord can de degrade the plastic casing and eventually expose the internal wiring. Moreover, folding the wire multiple times, will pinch the wire, causing a shortage. For a temporary fix, adjust the wire to a point that the sound returns and apply electrical tape. For a permanent fix, click here.

If the these troubleshoots do not work, then you may need to consider replacing the speakers in your headset using our Left Speaker Replacement Guide and our Right Speaker Replacement Guide.

The sound is cutting in and out, or no sound is available at all.

Make sure the Elite Pro Audio Cable is fully connected to the breakaway connector. The orange strips should line up with the slots. Disconnect and reconnect the cable.

If you are still not receiving audio, try connect the Elite Pro Headset to a phone and playing music. If the music plays normally, refer to the setup guide for your console. If you still are not receiving audio, click here to access our speaker replacement page.

If you are sometimes able to hear teammates but other times cannot, your NAT Type settings might be set to "Strict". This is due to your personal router settings. Click here for router setting instructions.

If you cannot hear the game and are attached to a Technical Audio Controller (TAC), make sure your Game/Chat Balance Fader is not set all the way to Chat Audio. Double check the Console switch on the back of the TAC is set to your gaming console. The Digital Optical Cable should be connected to the "IN" port on the TAC. Remove plastic protective tips from both ends of optical cable and ensure firm connection with both the gaming console and the TAC.

The headset is loose or tight, creating discomfort when using it.

Make adjustments to the headset using the ComforTec Fit system located at the top of the headband. The sliders should be adjusted while you are holding the headset in your hands, not while they are on your head. Move the sliders towards the center to loosen the fit or towards the ear cups for a tighter fit.

If the size of the headphones is too small or too big use the three different side adjustments located on the headset. Pull up and down on the ear cups to find the right size.

The ear cushions start to hurt my ears after a short period of use.

The AeroFit Ear Cushions provide maximum comfort by combining spandex fabric with cooling gel-infused cushions. The leather sidewalls isolate the acoustic chamber for superior sound.

If you wear glasses while gaming, the AeroFit Ear Cushions have a special indent for your glasses to maximize your comfort. To utilize this feature, simply align the indent with the arms of your glasses and prepare for comfortable gaming.

Clean your ear cushions regularly in order to prevent uncomfortable dirt buildups. It is recommended to wipe the cushions down with a slightly damp cloth twice a week. For a deeper cleanse, use a leather cleaner once a month to get the best life out of your ear cushions.

If your issue is not solved by the troubleshooting guide, you might need to replace your ear cushions with the help of our Ear Cushion Replacement Guide.


I have an issue with my TAC box. I take care of all of my equipment and have now started to hear intermittent sound drops, or rather the sounds keeps cutting every few seconds. I have tested the headset on it’s own by plugging it into my laptop and using it on my console through my ps4 controller however it only has this issue when it is plugged into the TAC box. I have checked all connections and have cleaned it of all dust build up (if there was any to begin with) and it is still happening. I have no idea what to do.

Dan - Reply

If you have found a solution, please respond.

Joshua Hardy -

I have that same issue when i use it on the pc while watching Youtube not on all videos but certain ones or when im watching my tv shows i dont hear the background music

Danny Boy -

My elite pro gaming headset works but cant hear the party

Travis Dunn - Reply

The mike connected to the pc is not sensitive at all, my boy has too put the mike right up to his lips and has too be fairly loud for it too pick up. Any suggestions please it’s brand new he just got it for his birthday. Thank you

jashaw33 - Reply

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