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Texas Instruments TI-5130 Troubleshooting

TI-5130 won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what position the on/off switch is in your TI-5130 won't turn on.

Not plugged in ¶ 

It is possible that the TI-5130 has come unplugged, or you have a blown fuse. Make sure that the calculator is plugged into a live outlet.

Damaged power cord ¶ 

Power cords can be damaged over time by pets, desk chairs and other equipment. Check that the power cord is not kinked or broken; such as chew marks from pets or a pinched wire. It is possible that you need to replace the power cord.

Blown transformer ¶ 

Transformers can wear out overtime or be blown by a power surge. It is possible that the transformer has blown and needs to be replaced.

The paper is coming out blank. ¶ 

The TI-5130 will turn on, calculate and feed paper but the paper is coming out blank.

Ink cartridge is dry or empty ¶ 

Ink Cartridges can dry out over time from continuous use or lack of use. It is possible that the ink cartridge needs to be replaced.

TI-5130 won't feed paper ¶ 

The TI-5130 will turn on and calculate, but it is not printing the paper is not feeding.

Printer switch is set to "OFF" ¶ 

You may have accidentally turned the printer switch to "OFF." Check that the printer switch (located in the left top corner of the keyboard) is set to "ON."

Paper is not loaded ¶ 

Your paper roll may not be properly loaded into the paper feeder. Check that the paper roll is feeding through the paper slot (located in the back.)

Printing unit has failed ¶ 

Over time parts that are used on frequent basis, such as the printing unit can start to wear out and can fail. It is possible that you need to replace the printing unit.

The display is dim ¶ 

The calculator will turn on but the digital display is dim.

Burnt out display ¶ 

The display uses florescent lighting. Just like light bulbs the lights can burn out over time. The Display may need to be replaced.

Sticky keys ¶ 

Key(s) are stuck either in the up or down position.

Key(s) move but they stick or resist movement ¶ 

Keys can get stuck overtime due to sticky residues spilling or contacting the keys. Check to see if there is any residue on or around the key. Lightly dip a towel or q-tip in rubbing alcohol then gently rub the residue to remove it.

Key won't move ¶ 

Something could have gotten underneath the key. Remove the face plate and remove anything that may have gotten under the key.


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