Power cords can become damaged due to pinching or cutting of the cord. Follow this guide to replace the power cord.

Flip the calculator over and remove the 4 main 10mm screws with a PH1 screwdriver.
  • Flip the calculator over and remove the 4 main 10mm screws with a PH1 screwdriver.

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Remove the top cover.
  • Remove the top cover.

  • Gently pull up on the power cord to remove it from the back cover.

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  • This step is optional; however it makes it easier to work.

  • Using a PH1 screwdriver remove the two 10mm screws that hold down the transformer.

  • Gently remove the transformer.

  • Make sure that the calculator is not plugged in.

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  • Use a wire cutter to cut off the white cap and expose the wires. Try to cut close to the tip of the white cap - to leave as much wire as possible.

  • Note that there are 2 sets of wires connected to the power cord. Do each set of wires separately.

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  • Use a wire stripper to remove 1/2” of the protective covering on each of the wires.

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  • Twist the exposed section of the 2 wires together.

  • Twist a new cap over the exposed wires. Make sure that the cap covers all of the exposed wire.

  • Repeat steps 4-6 for the second set of wires.

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  • Replace the transformer and ensure that the new wire caps fit in the space shown.

  • Plug in the new power cord and test the calculator before replacing the top cover.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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