Snapfon ez One Troubleshooting

LED display screen is blank/black ¶ 

Phone is locked ¶ 

You will know the phone is locked if the lock switch, seen as the bottom switch in the second picture of Step 8 in Snapfon ez One Volume and Unlock switch replacement, is switched to the locked side. To unlock the phone switch it to the unlocked side.

Phone is turned off ¶ 

Hold the red power/end call button for 5 seconds. If the phone turns on, then you know that the problem was that the phone was off. If the phone will not turn on, then you most likely have one of these other causes as to why the screen is black.

LED backlight is broken ¶ 

If neither of the other two causes above work, then your LED backlight is most likely broken. At this point it is advised that you replace the current LED screen. See guide on Disassembling Snapfon ez One LCD Screen.

Phone will not turn on ¶ 

Phone is not charged ¶ 

Attach charger to outlet then connect to phone. Note: Allow a maximum of 10 minutes to regain function. If phone does not turn on after 10 minutes, see the troubleshooting guide below regarding charging issues.

Battery has a bad connection or is missing ¶ 

Check to see if the battery is missing or has a bad connection to the phone. A bad connection could occur due to corrosion of the metal connections or improper orientation of the battery in the phone. See guide on Disassembling Snapfon ez One Battery.

Battery is faulty ¶ 

If the first two options are not the cause, the battery is broken and needs to be replaced. See guide on Disassembling Snapfon ez One Battery.

Screen displays the message, "Insert/No SIM Card" ¶ 

SIM card is not present in the phone ¶ 

Open up the phone to determine if there is a SIM card present. See guide on Snapfon ez One SIM Card Replacement.

SIM Card is not properly oriented in phone ¶ 

To properly orient the SIM card see guide on Snapfon ez One SIM Card Replacement.

Screen displays the message, "Unable to Connect" ¶ 

Phone doesn't have service ¶ 

You may be in an area where service is not covered by your provider, so try moving to a different location.

SIM card is inserted incorrectly ¶ 

A phone will not have service without proper connection to a SIM card. In order to check to see if the SIM card is inserted correctly, see guide on Snapfon ez One SIM Card Replacement.

Cannot hear through the speaker ¶ 

Phone does not have service or minimal reception ¶ 

If you cannot hear the other end of a call specifically, this could be a cause. Try to locate an area of better reception.

Volume is turned down ¶ 

Turn up the volume using the volume button, which can be seen as the top button on the first picture of step 8 of the guide Snapfon ez One Volume and Unlock switch replacement. If this also doesn't work, the problem directly below may be the cause.

Speaker is broken ¶ 

If the two previous causes are not the reason for not sound, the speaker in the phone is broken and needs to be replaced. See guide on Snapfon ez One Speaker Replacement.

Receiving end cannot hear user's voice ¶ 

Bad reception ¶ 

Try to move into an area of better reception. If this doesn't work, see other causes below.

Obstruction in the microphone inlet ¶ 

Check for any obstruction, if there is, use an object similar to a toothpick to remove the object.

Microphone is faulty/broken ¶ 

If neither of the first two causes is the reason your voice is not being received on the other end of the call (independent of who is at the receiving end), your microphone is broken. In that case you need to replace the microphone with a working one. For help in completing this task, see the following guide: Snapfon ez One Microphone Replacement.

When plugged in to a power source, the phone will not charge ¶ 

Battery does not have a proper connection to the phone. ¶ 

Remove the battery, and then reinsert the battery again to the proper orientation. See our guide on Disassembling Snapfon ez One Battery.

Charging Port is Faulty ¶ 

If the first option is not the problem, the charging port is faulty and must be replaced. See guide on [invalid guide link].

One or more of the buttons on the keypad will not work ¶ 

Circuit board is broken ¶ 

See guide on Replacing Snapfon ez One Motherboard Assembly in order to remove the broken circuit board so that a new one can be reassembled.

One or more of the switches on the side will not slide ¶ 

An obstruction or adhesive is preventing the switches from sliding ¶ 

Remove and clean the switch. See guide on Snapfon ez One Volume and Unlock switch replacement.


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Help! Need to permanently turn off 'message' capability on SnapFon ezTwo ...DIRECTIONS please?

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