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Samsung WB350F Troubleshooting

Camera Will Not Turn On ¶ 

No matter what you do, your camera will not turn on.

Low Battery ¶ 

Your camera will not turn on if the battery charge is low. Try plugging your camera into its charger. Allow the camera to charge until the red light on the charger turns green indicating that it is fully charged.

Charging Cable Malfunctioned ¶ 

If the light on the charger is green but your camera still won’t charge, you may need to replace your charging cable.

Battery is Dead ¶ 

If the above steps were not successful in turning your camera on, you may have a dead battery. Refer to our guide on how to replace the battery.

Display Screen is Unresponsive ¶ 

The screen of your camera is frozen and you cannot do anything.

Camera is Frozen ¶ 

Try turning off the camera and removing the battery. Wait thirty seconds before replacing the battery and turning the camera back on.

Replace Screen ¶ 

If any part of your screen is cracked, the touchscreen may stop working and you will need to replace the screen. Refer to our replacement guide.

Lens Will Not Retract ¶ 

You cannot get the lens on your camera to retract.

Low Battery ¶ 

If your battery is low the camera will automatically turn off but the lens may not retract. Try charging your camera, and then turning it back on. The lens should retract. If it does not, turn off the camera and remove the battery. Reinsert the battery and power the camera back on. The lens should now retract.

Menu and Control Buttons Will Not Work ¶ 

You are pressing the buttons on your camera but nothing is happening.

Low Battery ¶ 

One cause of this could be low battery. Turn off your camera and charge it completely before turning it back on.

Frozen Display ¶ 

If your camera is frozen, and nothing is working, hold the power button until it turns off. Remove the battery, wait a few moments and reinsert the battery.

Broken Buttons ¶ 

If the above is not successful, the buttons are broken, and you should refer to our guide on how to replace them.

Blurry Pictures ¶ 

Your pictures continually are blurred.

Dirty Lens ¶ 

Try cleaning the lens with a soft cloth.

Check Focus ¶ 

Make sure your camera is focusing on the subject before taking the picture. If the display isn’t focused the picture will come out blurry.

Not Enough Light ¶ 

If you are in low light, make sure your flash is on and your subject is in range of the flash. Check your settings and choose a different focus setting if the flash does not help.

The problem is this...I set the camera on AUTO and it starts to run through all the settings and I can not take a picture. Also, when I try to send on WiFi, the program shuts down in the middle of the operation. What is going on.

tommywoods1938 - Reply

I have the same issue. Any solutions yet?

Luzdmz -

Wow, I thought I was the only one dealing with that problem. My camera started skipping through settings at random moments

6 months after i purchased it.

Mycha- El -

I have the same issue and so does my friend. I called Samsung and they said that the camera is NOT defective and NOT recalled. It is also out of warranty so I would have to bring it to a dealer to have fixed. I knew other people must be having this problem. It is irritating that I was told it was not the case. I was told to reset to factory settings and take out the battery, No improvment!

lcirone1963 - Reply

I also have that problem.

pahut52 - Reply

Glad to see I'm not the only one. But also frustrated because it wasn't covered as my warranty has expired shortly before I called them. Anyone know how to fix the issue? Or even what is causing the issue?

Tinasha - Reply

I have this same problem and worst of all the camera is out of warranty. John from Nigeria.

ejik4real4mi - Reply

Whenever I switch on my camera and about to take pictures it becomes erratic turning from one mode to the other and making it difficult to to take shots

ejik4real4mi - Reply

Same here.... any solutions??

Cyndi Patton - Reply

Nobody has help on this issue? Seems to be a problem starting slowly and grows worse - I have three identical Cameras (except the Color) - and now the last one starts the problem, too.

annemarie - Reply

Same problem here!!!! What's the deal Samsung? Is there a fix or do we need to trash the cameras?

jrtgofish - Reply

I also have the same problem and have been trying to deal with it, My camera is also out of warranty and it goes through the mode when trying to take a picture.

Ronald Auger -

I have the same problem it started behaving year after purchasing , it is very annoying. When it takes a picture, however it is a good one

sendova -

Also I do have continues problems with the WB350F. All the times it is switching to different modes, so never can I take good shots. On top of that, the battery is completly death! Didn't use it that much, but bought in store Cosco in USA, but living in Holland. Any help (FROM SAMSUNG!) would be nice.

BE V - Reply

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! it seemed to weird to think it was common. mine started less than a year after purchase flipping thru all the screens right when you start to take a picture. I sent it for warranty service, then less than 6 months later it started the same thing again but of course now it is out of warranty and they want to charge. i said no thanks i guess i will be stuck with a bad and unreliable product.

jhopkins56 - Reply

i have the same problem. it was super bad for a while i could barely get a picture in. finally, by chance as i thought changing card might make a difference,…it did not. then i took the battery out and it is better now. still does it sometimes but nothing like before.

Dolli Melaine - Reply

My AUTO mode jumps from different functions back and forth intermittently,, makes it hard to capture a good shot right away because you have to wait until the screen goes back to the camera viewing. My solution is i turn the function to “P” (program mode) Set the white balance to auto, ISO to Auto, Auto Flash… press the Fn button on the right. Everything works better now.

Phil Wong - Reply

i tried that. I take it that you have to keep it in P mode. Auto is still screwed up.

Richard -

I did that and auto is still messed up. I take it that you have to keep it in P mode.

Richard -

I Have the same problems- Jumping from Auto to Program mode, not taking the pictures and so on. My problem is worst because here in Brasil Sansung service is awful. They even have a spare batery for the camera. If I'll go to USA, they will say that the warranty is off because I bought a few years ago. This do not happen with Nikons or Canons……

Geraldo Amaral Júnior- Brasil

Geraldo Amaral Júnior - Reply

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