If your screen is damaged in any way, this guide will walk you through the replacement process.

  1. Remove the wristlet strap.
    • Remove the wristlet strap.

    • If you have difficulties use your plastic spudger. If you don't have a plastic spudger, you can also use a pen/pencil.

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  2. Remove five 3.2 mm screws with a Phillips #000 Screwdriver.
    • Remove five 3.2 mm screws with a Phillips #000 Screwdriver.

      • There is one silver screw on the bottom and two black screws on each side.

      • Keep the screws together for an easier re-assembly later.

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    • Open the case of the camera using your plastic opening tool.

    • Start on each end, working the tool into the opening and popping the casing up. Then work your way down the longer sides (top and bottom).

    • If you don’t have plastic opening tools, any flat plastic object, like a used gift card, can be used as an improvised alternative.

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    • Remove the plastic casing, exposing the inner workings of the camera.

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    • Using your Phillips #000 Screwdriver, remove one 3.2 mm screw above the menu buttons panel.

    • Next, remove the two 3.2 mm Phillips #000 screws to the left of the menu buttons panel.

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    • Move the menu button panel to the right as well as the screen.

    • Be careful because each are connected to the camera by a ribbon.

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    • Remove two more 3.2 mm screws on the silver panel using your Phillips #000 Screwdriver.

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    • Remove the silver panel.

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    • Flip the screen back over.

    • Using the plastic open tool, flip open the black retaining plastic piece holding the larger ribbon in place.

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    • Carefully detach both ribbons by gently pulling one at a time.

      • The thinner ribbon isn't secured with a connector and you are able to pull it straight out.

      • Be sure to pull gently as you do not want to break either ribbon.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Broke my screen, bought a new one on the internet (ebay) and used this tutorial for replacement.

Good photos and every step is clear to follow

Gerald Heidrich - Reply

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