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Samsung Galaxy J3 Troubleshooting

How to fix common issues with a Samsung Galaxy J3 smart phone.

Phone is turning off and freezing while I am using it

If the smart phone being used is not charged enough it will continue to turn itself off. When the phone was purchased it should've come with a micro USB charger. If you do not have one, you can easily purchase one from any grocery or electronic store.

If the phone continues to freeze the phone may just need to be restarted. This is a common flaw with even the most recent smart phones.

If the previous steps have not cured your phone of its ailment, the motherboard itself may need to be replaced.

When I plug my headphones in, no sound is coming out

The headphones used may be broken in some way. Try buying a replacement pair at any grocery or electronics store.

Firstly, remove as many components of the phone as possible (Battery, SIM card, back cover etc.), because the water will corrode parts and boards if not taken care of quickly. If the phone has water damage that isn't too severe, placing it in a bag of rice or silica gel should absorb the water from the phone; however, if the phone has been submerged or exposed to any significant amounts of water, it is always a good idea to have it disassembled and cleaned to prevent corrosion.

If the previous steps are taken and there is still no sound when using headphones, the headphone jack itself may need to be replaced.

When I try to use my home button it either sticks so i have to turn my phone off, or does not work at all.

Try rebooting your phone, or resetting to factory settings.

If the above solutions do not work the home button may need to be replaced.

When I try to take picture my camera seems to be cracked

The more likely thing is that the middle frame bezel is cracked. This is the plastic cover over the camera that protects it. This may need to be replaced.

If the this the case and the above solution does not work, the camera may need to be replaced.


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