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Razer DeathAdder Chroma Troubleshooting

Device Does Not Recognize USB ¶ 

When I plug the mouse into the USB port on my computer, nothing happens.

USB is Not Properly Connected ¶ 

Your mouse might not be registering with the computer because it isn’t connected properly. Check to see if the USB is firmly plugged in.

Computer Needs Restart ¶ 

Sometimes all a computer needs is a reboot to work properly again. Unplug your mouse, restart your computer, and then plug the mouse back in.

Synapse Driver is Corrupted ¶ 

Before going any further, try plugging a different USB device into your computer. If it works, then continue on with the guide; it’s not your computer that’s at fault, it’s the mouse. You’ll need a spare mouse (sorry!). Unplug your DeathAdder Chroma and use the spare mouse to uninstall Synapse from your computer. Once that’s done, restart your computer before downloading and reinstalling Synapse. Restart your computer again, then plug your DeathAdder Chroma back in.

USB Cable is Faulty ¶ 

The USB cable might not be working properly anymore, especially if there are kinks in it. Go to our USB Cable Guide to learn how to change it out.

USB Port is Broken ¶ 

It is possible that the computer’s USB port is not working properly. If you’ve tried a different USB device and it doesn’t work either, you might need to troubleshoot your computer.

Mouse Double Clicks ¶ 

When I single click with the mouse, it double clicks instead.

Synapse Firmware Needs Update ¶ 

Your Synapse Firmware may be outdated. To update it to the latest version, download and install the Firmware updater.

Button Switch has Dirt Build Up ¶ 

There might be minor dust build up or sticky residue under the button switch. Our Motherboard Guide will show you how to open up your mouse to clean it.

Scroll Click Does Not Work ¶ 

When I double click the scroll wheel of the mouse, nothing happens.

Scroll Wheel Button has Dirt Build Up ¶ 

The button that you press when performing a scroll click might have become dusty or sticky. Try the Scroll Wheel Guide to learn how to get to the button for cleaning.

Scroll Wheel Button is Stuck ¶ 

Sometimes, gaming hard and long enough means that the button pushed by the scroll wheel during scroll clicking gets a little stuck. Check out the Scroll Wheel Guide to learn how to fix the problem yourself!

Mouse Does Not Light Up ¶ 

When I connect the mouse to my computer, its lights don’t come on.

USB is Not Properly Connected ¶ 

Your USB connection might be loose. Check that the USB cable is plugged into the computer's USB port securely.

Computer Doesn’t Recognize USB ¶ 

Is your mouse still functioning, even without the lights? If it isn’t, the computer might not have recognized that the mouse is connected. Go to the Device Does Not Recognize USB part of this troubleshooting guide.

Universal C Runtime Needs Update ¶ 

It’s possible that the Universal CRT operating system component in Windows, which is needed to display the lighting effects on Razer Chroma devices, isn’t the most up-to-date version. Download and install it from here.

Cursor Does Not Move ¶ 

When I move my mouse, the cursor does not move with it.

Sensor is Not Clean ¶ 

Your mouse’s sensor might be dirty. Clean the sensor using a Q-tip lightly coated in rubbing alcohol. Let the sensor dry for 5 minutes before trying the mouse again.

Surface Calibration Needs Reset ¶ 

If your mouse has surface calibration, it might need to be reset. Plug the mouse in and place it on a flat surface. Hold down the left click, right click, and mouse wheel buttons simultaneously for 7 seconds, then reset the calibration in Synapse.

Synapse Driver Needs Update ¶ 

Your Synapse driver might need an update. Go here to download the proper version for your computer, then follow the instructions to install it.

One Comment

I had the problem it worked fully but no leds.

Fixed this by deleting the drivers in device management and plugging it in and out.

It reinstalled and lights popped back on.

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