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RYDIS H68 Pro Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose possible underlying causes of several problems with the RYDIS H68 Pro.

Vacuum Powers On But Does Not Move ¶ 

The vacuum lights power on and still takes commands, but it does not move and is quiet.

Defective Motor ¶ 

The vacuum's motor may be defective causing the vacuum to stay in place while being on. If the motor is defective, the vacuum will also be silent. If this is the case, the motor will have to be replaced. Check out the Motor Replacement Guide.

Vacuum Stopped Speaking ¶ 

The vacuum no longer says messages while on.

Defective Speaker ¶ 

The vacuum's speaker may be defective causing the vacuum to longer say its messages while on. This may include important error messages such as "Please check the main brush" and "Please check the wheels" which could cause the vacuum to stop cleaning until the error is dealt with. Check out the Speaker Replacement Guide.

Vacuum Not Able to Locate Charger ¶ 

When the vacuum runs out of battery or finishes a cleaning cycle, it cannot locate and return to the charging station.

Check Power ¶ 

Check that the charger is plugged in completely and that the blue light is on.

Make Sure Charging Station is Installed Properly ¶ 

The charging station should be placed on a hard floor, be straight up and down, and the back of the station should be facing the wall. It should also be installed with the mop attached.

Clear Obstacles ¶ 

Move all obstacles away from the station; the station should be placed in an open area.

Avoid Areas with Direct Sunlight ¶ 

The RYDIS robot uses an IR-receiver that lets the robot find the station; sunlight emits high amounts of IR-light and could cause disruption in the signal so it best to keep the station in an area with no direct sunlight.

IR- Receiver Could Be Defective ¶ 

If all other troubleshooting options do not fix the problem, then the cause may be due to a defective IR-Receiver which will need to be replaced. Check out the IR-Receiver Replacement Guide.

Vacuum Not Driving Properly ¶ 

Vacuum repeatedly runs into objects and gets stuck in corners

Faulty Camera ¶ 

Check to see if the camera is dirty - if so, clean it with a soft cloth.

If the camera's lens is cracked, please visit the replacement guide and follow the instructions.

Faulty Mop Pad ¶ 

Check to see if the mop pad is installed correctly by flipping the vacuum on its opposite side and locating the mop installation holes behind the wheel, adjust accordingly.

Faulty Sensor ¶ 

Remove all obstacles blocking the bumper.

Check to see if the sensors are dirty - if so, clean with a soft cloth.

The bumper may be dented - if so, please see this replacement guide to replace the bumper.


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