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The propellers and/or guards are broken ¶ 

The drone does not fly well due to damaged rotor blades

Propellers are missing a blade ¶ 

The drone has had an accident and the propellers are damaged or non existent. First make sure that the propellers can be manually turned. If they do, begin by replacing the propellers with replacement parts provided with the drone. [URL FOR GUIDE HERE]

Propellers do not turn ¶ 

The motor that turns the propellers might be damaged. Begin by taking off the propellers, guards, and upper shell of the drone. Unplug the wires leading to the motor, unscrew and or unlatch it from the drone itself. Check for any cracks that may be easily fixed. If not, order a new motor and reassemble. [URL FOR GUIDE HERE]

The drone will not turn on ¶ 

The drone's LED lights do not turn on nor does it respond to any input

Drone battery may need to charge ¶ 

If the drone has been under heavy or long use the battery may need to be charged. Disconnect battery and charge it for at least 4 hours.

Drone will not turn on with a charged battery ¶ 

If the battery has been charged for at least 4 hours then the wiring may be faulty or disconnected and would need to be fixed. [URL FOR GUIDE HERE]

Video drone does not respond to controller ¶ 

Sometimes the drone does not respond to any input

Drone may need to be re-synchronized to the controller ¶ 

Turn everything off and re-synchronize by:

  1. Turn drone on
  2. Turn controller on
  3. Hit calibrate button
  4. Push flight sticks forward simultaneously - listen for a beep
  5. Release the flight sticks
  6. Pull down towards you - listen for a beep
  7. Release the flight sticks
  8. Then pull down and outwards - listen for a long beep

The drone should respond with a rotation of the propellers.

Drone does not respond at all ¶ 

In case multiple attempts to synchronize the controller and the drone failed, the controller antenna may need to be replaced.[URL FOR GUIDE HERE]

Drone's response is slow ¶ 

If the drone is responding slowly, then the controller may need a new set of batteries. Unscrew the controller latch on the back of the controller and replace the batteries.

Drone doesn't respond to certain inputs ¶ 

The controller's buttons might be broken or unresponsive. To alleviate this, you must read the following guide. [URL FOR GUIDE HERE]


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