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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro Troubleshooting

A guide to troubleshooting the MSI Apache Pro: Model number MS-16J4.

Computer Fails to Turn On

The power button is pressed, but the computer will not power on and there are no signs of life.

Faulty Power Adapter

Make sure that the power adapter is plugged in properly to both the computer and the power source. There should be a light on the adapter that lights up when properly functioning. If it does not light up, consider purchasing a new power adapter if this fails to work.

Faulty Battery

If the adapter is functioning properly, plug it into the laptop and attempt to power the laptop up. If it turns on while plugged in, but shuts down when it becomes unplugged, then the battery needs to be replaced. Follow this replacement guide.

Computer Fails to Boot

The computer will turn on, but will send you to an error screen after failing to load the Operating System (OS).

Not Enough RAM

If the computer crashes while performing memory-intensive tasks, normal operation or beeps and then fails to boot, the RAM may have become faulty or there is not enough RAM installed. You can follow this replacement guide for how to replace the RAM.

Hard Drive Issue

If the computer has been turned off by pressing the power button rather than allowing the computer to run through its shut down procedure through Windows, this may have caused an error in the hard drive. To fix this, get a Windows OS disc for any Windows OS. Put the disc into the disc drive. Boot the computer to the disc and select "Repair your Computer" then "Startup Repair" and allow it to run through the operation. If this does not fix the problem, your hard drive may need to be replaced.

Computer's Lights Turn On, But the Screen Remains Blank

The computer will begin to startup with lights turning on, but nothing else happens.

Faulty CPU or Motherboard

If the computer seems to begin to startup (e.g. LED lights turn on, fans start to spin); but the computer doesn't even load to the boot screen, then it could be an issue with the CPU or the Motherboard. However, due to the fact that the CPU is integrated into the motherboard on most laptops as is this case with the Apache Pro, in order to replace one or the other, you'll have to replace the motherboard to fix that problem.

Optical Drive Fails to Read Disc

When a DVD or CD is inserted into the optical drive, the computer will display an error reading the disc or doesn't show a disc in the drive.

Disc is Scratched or Dirty

Ensure that the disc you are inserting into the drive is free of any smudges or major scratches. If there is any severe scratching on the disc, you will need to purchase a replacement disc.

Optics Lens is Dirty

It's possible that the lens of the optical drive is dirty and needs to be cleaned in order for it to properly read the disc. Open the disc tray and use some compressed air to clear any dust that has collected in the tray. Use a cotton swab that has been lightly dampened with rubbing alcohol and clean the lens without applying a lot of pressure. Use a fresh cotton swab to wipe the lens clean and allow the lens to dry before using it.

Optical Drive is Faulty

If the lens is clean and the disc is in good condition, the problem may be the optical drive itself. The best option, in this case, would be to replace the optical drive.

Computer Overheats

The computer will shut down unexpectedly after performing slowly, and the computer is hot to the touch.

Poor Ventilation

Laptops tend to suck in cooling air through the bottom. If your laptop is on an uneven surface like your comforter, pillow, or even your lap, it can obstruct it's airflow, thus causing it to overheat. This can easily be avoided by keeping your laptop on a sturdy and flat surface, like a desk.

Fans are Clogged Up with Dust

To check if your fans are clogged up with dust, you'd have to first check if hot air is blowing out of your vents. If they are, then your fans are working; but if it's only a little bit of air, your fans might be built up with dust. Remove the back cover and use compressed air to clear any dust that has collected in the fans.

In Need of Additional Cooling

Buying a laptop cooling pad can help remove heat from the body of the laptop. The more cool air you have circulating under your computer, the more it can passively cool itself. While it isn't a miracle worker, it sure can help lower the temperature and reduce noise.


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