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Lenovo G780 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you with problems concerning the Lenovo G780. Model number 20138

Keyboard/Keys Not Responding ¶ 

The keys on your keyboard will not respond or are broken or missing.

Keyboard Driver is Outdated or Bugged ¶ 

Your keyboard may not be responding because of a software problem. Lenovo provides a keyboard diagnostic tool that can help you fix any faulty drivers. You can find the tool here.

Faulty Keyboard ¶ 

If the entire keyboard is not responding, you may have a hardware problem. Try replacing the keyboard with this guide: Lenovo G780 Keyboard Replacement

Keys Are Stuck In Place ¶ 

If the key can not be pressed down and is stuck in place, there may be something underneath the key keeping it from being pressed. To fix this, remove the key and check to see if there is anything stuck beneath. Wiping the surface may also help. Once this is done, snap the key back into place.

Computer Is Regularly Overheating ¶ 

While your computer is performing resource intensive tasks, the device overheats and shuts off without notification.

Excess Dust in Vents or Fans ¶ 

Dust can block fans and vents and cause your device to overheat. Inspect the vents on the device. If they are obscured by dust, use a compressed air duster to clear the vents.

Fan is not Activating or Functioning ¶ 

If the computer fan is not activating when it should, there may be a hardware malfunction in the fan. Replace a faulty fan with this guide: Lenovo G780 Fan Replacement

USB 3.0 Ports Aren't Working ¶ 

The computer fails to connect with other devices through USB 3.0 ports, or USB 3.0connections fail intermittently.

Faulty or Outdated USB 3.0 Driver ¶ 

The USB port may be failing due to a faulty driver. Download the latest version here.

Computer Won't Boot During Initial Startup ¶ 

Your computer takes you to an error message instead of loading the Operating System.

Not Enough RAM ¶ 

The computer may not have enough RAM, causing boot up failure. This can also be seen when your computer crashes during tasks requiring a lot of memory.

You can install RAM on your computer to fix these issues.

Battery Failure/ Replacement ¶ 

"Your computer will not charge, or loses battery life quickly."

Computer No Longer Holds a Charge ¶ 

If your computer loses battery life very quickly, or requires the charger to function, your battery may have expired. Replace the battery with this guide: Lenovo G780 Battery Replacement

Faulty Charger ¶ 

First, try a different outlet. If the computer still won’t charge, your charger may be faulty. If possible, try a different charger.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If your computer still won’t charge, there may be a battery issue. You can replace the battery with the help from this guide: Lenovo G780 Battery Replacement


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