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InFocus Screenplay 4805 Troubleshooting

Released in May, 2004, the InFocus Screenplay 4805 has not been produced since 2006. It was also marketed as Knoll Systems HD102.

Dark bands can occur across or on the edge(s) of the projected screen.

Over time dust can build up on the projector and can cause an obstruction. To clean this gently use a soft micro-fabric cloth to clear out the dust.

If there are dark lines running across the screen then there might be a damaged light tunnel you may need to change out the tunnel or make repairs to said damage. To see how to do this, visit InFocus Sp 4805 Light Tunnel Replacement guide.

There are spots on the screen when the device is on and running.

If you are experiencing spots on your screen, then the odds are the lens needs cleaning. In order to resolve this take a micro-fabric clothe to the lens. Make sure all dust is cleaned off.

If the lens is clean yet spots are still being displayed, the lens might be broken or chipped. To solve this you have to replace the lens, see InFocus Sp 4805 Lens Replacement guide.

Device is projecting a black and white image.

If the image is black and white the cause might be the setting being wrong. If the color is set on “off,” image will be grey scale. In the User Control, reset the color to be “on.”

S-video is made of two signals. Luminance which is grey scale and chrominance also known as color. When the chrominance level isn’t retrieved, the image will be black and white. Having the wrong connector may be the result of this problem. To fix this, check to make sure you have the correct connector.

A tremendous amount of noise from inside of the device paired with a black and white image on the screen. The color wheel is ultimately damaged; the noise is coming from disc being off balance. Solution to this would be a replacement for the color wheel.

The projector is turned on and the can be heard running, but no image is displayed.

If the projector is on and running, the bulb might need a replacement (OwnerIQ, Inc., 2017). Shine a flashlight behind the lens, if an image is displayed try replacing the bulb, see InFocus Sp 4805 Bulb Replacement.

If you have checked the bulb and/or replaced it yet no image is displayed, you might have a malfunctioning motherboard. To fix this problem you have to take the old motherboard out and replace it with a new, functioning one. Visit InFocus Sp 4805 Motherboard Replacement to receive instructions.

The projector is on and running, but no sound is played.

If your audio is not working correctly, you might have loose cables. To fix this, make sure all cables are plugged in correctly. Go to the settings menu to ensure the settings on are correct as well.

If the problem with the audio persists after checking cables and settings, you might have a malfunctioning motherboard. To fix this you have to replace the motherboard with a new one. VisitInFocus Sp 4805 Motherboard Replacement for instructions.

The projector will turn off randomly while running.

If your device is turning off randomly it might be overheating. To resolve this, make sure nothing is resting against the back of the projector where the vents are. Turn off the projector and allow it cool for one minute before turning it back on.

If your device is still overheating when its vents are not blocked, the lamp housing might be clogged. To clean the lamp housing, first, remove the lamp housing. Examine the dust filter screens on the lamp housing. If necessary, use a vacuum cleaner set on low power to clean the screens. Be careful not to disturb any internal components when cleaning screens. Make sure you do not use any liquids while cleaning. Replace the lamp housing and lamp door.

No sound or fuzzy sound.

Reassure the HDMI cable is connected.

If you made sure the cable is connected, you may have accidentally set the volume setting on "mute." Access your control panel and make sure the volume is on "loud" instead of "mute."

If there is broken fuzzy sound, the speaker could be physically damaged and may be in need of replacement. Visit InFocus Sp 4805 Mono Speaker Replacement for instructions.


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