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Eastern Washington University, Team S2-G3, Crane Fall 2017

Student Team

Team Tag: EWU-CRANE-F17S2G3

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Viktoriya is a Visual Communications and Design major. She goes to Eastern Washington University, and is set to graduate Fall of 2017. A very hands on worker, Viktoriya often starts renovation projects around the house, these include painting, repairs, and redesigning spaces. She loves art and typography. Having a competitive nature, she pushes herself to learn new things but is always eager to help. Working with ifixit will broaden her understanding of the electronic world. She believes the ability to understand something helps you build a level of respect and value for the item. She is very excited for the opportunity to work with ifixit to expand her skillset and become more knowledgeable in the ever evolving electronic world.

Kaitlin Santos was born and raised on the island of Kaua`i. She lived in Hawai’i for twenty years before moving to Cheney for an opportunity to transfer to Eastern Washington University. At Eastern she is majoring in Visual Communication Design and minoring in Art. At the moment her overall grade point average is at a 2.92. As a student she can be self-motivated, however she prefers to have a set time for completing work. While writing is not her strong suit her design skills have grown exponentially the last two years. After school she plans on working in advertising. She has experience working in groups before and knows how to lead projects she is comfortable with.

McKayla’s goal while attending Eastern Washington University is to complete her major in Visual Communication Design, leaning more towards the creative side of the degree. She is an extremely hardworking individual, earning herself a 3.7 gpa which she is still aiming to improve. McKayla is a very self-driven person, believing in accomplishing at least one thing a day and firmly believes in setting goals for herself. Writing wise she is fairly articulate in expressing ideas, even if her expertise lies in design.

Enkhmaa Erdenebat, also known as “Emma”, is from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. After focusing on science classes in high school, Enkhmaa moved to Seattle and completed Associates of Science degree at Seattle Central College. This is her first quarter studying at Eastern Washington University. She enjoys branching out and trying new things, such as fixing a broken kettle at home. Enkhmaa is an incredibly organized person, preferring to organize her notebooks and class notes with graphs, different color pens and highlighters, and drawings. Her enthusiasm to learn new things during our partnership with ifixit with be invaluable on this project.

Marilyn’s experience and passion for literature means she is able to write, edit, revise, and research information for the guide with ease. During her time earning a technical communication degree Marilyn has taken a good amount of English classes, meaning she is used to setting due dates for long projects such as profiles. While experienced in fixing anything ranging from tractors to solar-powered batteries for electric fences, she has little experience with fixing anything tech related. With this being said, being able to learn how to read instructions and tear something apart and putting it back together again is a very versatile skill. Furthermore, this will allow Marilyn to write the instructions to better fit an audience with average knowledge of technology.